How to wash the down jacket. Helpful Tips

The most versatile kind of outerwearis down jackets. They are light, comfortable and very warm. Down jacket is perfectly combined with any clothing from the classical to the sports type. Therefore, now in the wardrobe of almost every person there is this kind of clothes. There is a special care for the down jacket. This will be discussed in this article.

To clean the down jacket from various contaminants,which appear in the process of operation, you can turn it into a dry cleaning. This is the simplest, but expensive option. But washing the down jacket at home is also possible. It must be done at the end of the season, before you put it away for storage.

To begin with, remove all possible details.Also it is necessary to unhook fur accessories. Fur is washed separately, in another way. In no case do not separate what is sewn, so that there is no problem with the restoration of parts.

How to wash the down jacket manually?To do this, take a container (a basin, a bathroom is suitable) and pour water into it, the temperature of which does not exceed 50 degrees. It is not recommended to wash such products at very high temperatures. We take a remedy that will not foam too much. Do not use powder. It is more difficult to wash out from the down jacket and gives a large foam. Take a liquid detergent.

Before you wash the down jacket, you should dunkit in the prepared water for 20-60 minutes. Time depends on the degree of contamination. Then you can proceed to the process itself. Particular attention is paid to particularly dirty places. These are cuffs, pockets, sleeves and collar. Here it is necessary to work more diligently. In this case, you can use additional funds (soap, shampoo). They should not contain chlorine or other bleaching agents.

Lower the down jacket in the water you need vertically.Rinse the detergent better with a shower. So there is more chance that the filler does not absorb a lot of moisture. After washing, you can shake the down jacket to give it the original shape. Dry better on a hanger, in a well-ventilated area. Do not place it too close to the radiators.

How to wash a down jacket in the car?Yes, modern washing machines allow you to do this. We load only one product, because the filler can spoil other things. Before we wash the down jacket, we turn it to the wrong side. You also need to zip up buttons, buttons and all locks. Thus, the stuffing of the down jacket will not spoil the appearance of the product.

In the typewriter it is necessary to set the temperature notmore than 40 degrees. Choose a delicate mode or wash at low speed. For washing, it is better to take a liquid detergent. It is better rinsed out of the fluff.

When washing in the car, especially when there isrotation in one direction, the filler filler can roll down, resulting in lumps are formed. Therefore, many manufacturers recommend in this case to put in the car a few tennis balls. Sometimes when buying a down jacket attached special balls for washing. Only 4-5 pieces are needed. In this case, the fluff will not lose weight and will be loose.

How to wash a down jacket, to know is very important for eachmistress. But you also need to know how to care for this clothing. When cleaning the down jacket for summer storage, you can not add it very tightly. Just hang it in a straightened form on the hanger in a dry cabinet. The state of fluff is adversely affected by excess moisture and lack of ventilation. During storage it is sometimes necessary to take out a down jacket and hang it for airing. In this case, turn it out from the inside out.

Take care that next to this clothing there are no substances with a strong specific smell. Pooh has the property of absorbing smells.

If you know how to wash the down jacket and properly take care of it, then you can long to exploit this kind of clothes.

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