How to choose a present for a chef on his birthday?

From year to year at the same time employeesthe question arises: "What kind of gift to the chief for the birthday?" And each time you have to puzzle over what to please the boss and how to give him a sign of attention from his subordinates. We present to you a selection of the best congratulations on the birthday of the chief-man and woman.

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Any business person can not keep in mindall the important information for him. Therefore, a book for entries or a diary will always be relevant to the boss. However, in order to make such a gift extraordinary, order for him a leather binding or engrave on the cover the initials of the head. Such a nominal present of good quality will certainly please any, even the most formidable, boss.

As a gift to the chef on the day of birth can be presentedand quality office supplies. Signing important documents will be more pleasant by expensive pen fountain pen or pen with gold-plated elements. Prestigious and stylish, is not it?

If you are aware of what yourthe head, then to choose a gift to the chief on the day of birth will not be very difficult. An avid fisherman never has many fishing rods and gear. A fan of football will be delighted with the ticket for the next match of his favorite team. A lover of outdoor recreation likes to have a new bowler or sleeping bag. The motorist will certainly like the modern device. And the boss, keen on traveling, will be unspeakably happy about the new suitcase.

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If your director is a person witha fine sense of humor, then a gift to him can be fun and original. For example, a whip and a stick are like methods of influencing subordinates. Or a punching bag, on which, in addition to employees, you can take out all your anger. Cheer and a medal on the chest with the inscription "Best boss in the world" or a shirt with an unusual slogan such as "Who does not work, he eats!" However, with cool gifts you need to be careful. It is necessary to know the measure and choose that inscription that will not offend or offend the leader.

The boss is also a person.And he, like everyone else, should rest. Therefore, an excellent gift to the chief on the day of birth - a ticket to a sanatorium, to a recreation center or at least to the nearest SPA-salon. In general, give him a pass card to where he can relax and relax from work. And you at this time will be able to have a great rest from it.

Spiritual gifts will also come to the place.Write the hymn of your company and sing it to the whole team. Create a collage of photos of all employees and print it on a large sheet. Mount the slide show from the photo of the most important moments for your supervisor. Such gifts will melt the heart of even the most unemotional boss.

And, of course, the card "Happy Birthday!" Is very important. She will be pleased to reread warm words to her address time after time, discovering her in her desk drawer.

birthday present for the chef

Well, remember that the best gift for any boss is your well-done work. Try on his birthday!

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