Private kindergartens in Ryazan - an alternative to state institutions

When the baby grows up, the parentsthe question of which kindergarten to give the child to. Government agencies often have queues, conditions do not always suit moms. Alternative in this case can serve as private kindergartens of Ryazan.


In such institutions, the group is several times smalleron the number of children. Usually it is 10-15 people. Thus, attention is paid to each child. Babies who go to private kindergartens in Ryazan receive maximum attention from educators. Such a relationship will not get a child in the state garden, surrounded by another 25 kids.

private kindergartens of Ryazan

Here educational programs are usedearly development, a child can receive additional knowledge of studying foreign languages ​​or attend choreography lessons and sports sections. There is a comprehensive development of the child. Most of these institutions have speech therapists in their staff. They help the children correctly put a speech and with children with the problem of pronouncing letters will be able to do individually.

Private kindergartens of Ryazan are staffedmodern equipment and have a good range of toys of different subjects. In some institutions there are swimming pools and sports rooms for active games. It can be provided for the transportation of children to their homes. This option will be an excellent help to parents who work at the other end of the city.

Catering private kindergartens in Ryazan most oftenmake up on the basis of the wishes of the parents and with the help of a child nutritionist. The mandatory daily menu features fresh fruit and dairy products. Here the health of children is clearly controlled, and children with signs of ARVI in the garden are not allowed. Thus, do not spread viruses among toddlers.

private kindergartens in Ryazan

List and addresses

In the city there is a sufficient choice of such institutions. Parents can be guided by the price policy, given to conditions and places of location of kindergartens:

  • "Steam locomotive from Romashkovo" is located on Tatarskaya street, 20;
  • "Housewives" - st. Pavlova, 19;
  • "Vyrastayka" - st. Kostychev 7/3.

Some private kindergartens in Ryazan havetheir official sites. You can familiarize yourself with the conditions and the training program there in advance. The sites also host photos of groups and equipment. Often here you can find the menu and the mode of the day.

Recording of children in such gardens is carried out directly at a meeting with the director of the institution. You can also find out about payment for visiting such a garden on the spot with the head or in the telephone mode.

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