A unique breed of cat - Siberian

Fans of fluffy and very fluffy cats - exult! The favorite in this article is the Siberian cat, which stands out among its brethren with a regal brutal appearance and special disposition.

Siberian cat breed

As is known, the character is strongly influenced by the rockcat. Siberian cat - it's a phlegmatic, charismatic, self-confident and very beautiful animal. Over the breeding and recognition among the world's felinologists of this breed, Russian breeders have worked for many years. To date, among foreign animal lovers enjoy great love these cats. Siberian "fuzzy" are exported to England, Australia, Germany, France and other countries of the near and far abroad. The price of this fine purebred creature varies from 1000 dollars and above. But, despite the high cost, the demand for Siberians is constantly growing.


Siberian cats

This breed of cat, Siberian, - royal andaristocratic: a large and powerful skeleton, a beautiful long coat, a chic fur collar on a powerful neck, "trotters" ears with tassels, a large head, large expressive eyes. Having seen it once, it is impossible not to fall in love with a Siberian! In adult cats weight can exceed 10 (!) Kg, females weigh slightly less - about six kg. By the way, one of the drawbacks of the breed is excessive gluttony. Therefore, watch the shape of your pet, otherwise excessive weight can lead to a number of diseases.

Wool - this is the passport that can showthis breed is a cat. Siberian fur skin does not cause allergies at all. Therefore, allergies can safely begin to lead a friendship with the Siberians. Also, the wool practically does not get wet and the care of it from the person of the minimum. Due to the hard nap in the cat there will be no collars and felted hair, so flour with combing and washing can be allowed every six months or as necessary. Your Siberian cat will be very happy.


The cat is Russian, and even more so Siberian. That's her character is not easy. The motto of the Siberian: "What I want, then I do!" And if you do not want to spoil relations with your pet, it's better not to limit her freedom. After all, this is a very independent breed of cat. The Siberian beauty is by no means affectionate and shows love only to one member of the family. She will not be aggressive or intrusive, but she will not get on her knees either.

Siberian cat character

Sibiryachka, despite its independence,absolutely not vindictive. She will never take revenge and shit in sneakers. To children, these cats are very patient and ready to endure cries and sucking. But with an adult this behavior will not work, and the Siberian pride can release claws.

Another wonderful feature is the Siberians - theyhealers by nature. In the event of a malaise, your fluffy friend will come to the rescue, lie down on a sore spot and will warm and cherish it. According to many breeders, this "cat medicine" really helps.

Siberian cat breed

Due to its wild and independent naturecats are excellent hunters. In the house there will not be a single mouse, and even a fly. Use this weakness of the cat to awaken love for yourself in it - play with it more and let's practice your hunting skills.

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