Curtains in the nursery - a bright decoration of the room

Many believe that the curtains in the nursery arethe final small touch finishing the renovation of the room. This is not entirely true. Window design should be thought out in advance, even before the beginning of repair work. Only in this case the interior of the children's room will be harmonious, have a complete look.

Curtains in the nursery: the basic rules of choice

curtains in the nursery
It is desirable that all items (and curtains in thatnumber) in the child's room were made of natural materials. Do not create any complex window designs - curtains in the nursery should be simple to clean. Avoid dark, gray, boring colors. The brighter the furniture in a room, the softer and softer the curtains should be.

Curtains in the nursery: design

Currently, designers offer a lotways to decorate the window in the children's room. The curtains can be of different lengths, made with different techniques. Curtains in such a room must necessarily be monophonic and preferably light - the child's room should be full of light. For curtains, it is better to select fabrics of simple texture, use a simple form of curtains. In complex draperies, a lot of dust accumulates, and this is completely undesirable for the child.

Curtains for children for girls

curtains in the children's room

Probably, there are few parents who arethe design of a children's room for a girl does not use pink, especially in the early years of her life. Perhaps, there is nothing wrong with the fact that parents want to settle their princess in a fairy-tale world. But do not forget that as a girl grows up, the interior of her room should become more original and complex. Most girls before the transition age prefer that the curtains in the nursery, the photos of which are presented on this page, had ryushechki, otchechki, bows. Do not refuse her wishes, because it will be very short time, and your girl herself will want to change the design of the curtains, make them more concise and stylish.

Curtains in the nursery for the boy

Boys from a very early age want everywhereSee the balls, boats, planes. Try to pick up the cloth for the curtains in the son's room with this theme, of course, if they do not get too out of the main style of the interior of the room.

The adult solution of the child question

curtains in a children's photo
If your child is not fidgeting and a prankster, ready to playwith everything you can reach, then, most likely, the traditional long curtains will not suit you. For safety reasons it is better to use roller blinds or Roman blinds. Today they can be picked up in various colors, including, and with children's themes.

Curtains in the nursery: accessories

At the moment, their choice is huge. Modern curtains in the children's room would look sad and sad without bright and original accessories. Choosing them in the store, pay attention to the holders, lambrequins, pendants. Today they are performed in the form of heroes of fairy tales and cartoons, flowers, butterflies, little animals.

Choosing a cornice

The main requirement for the cornice is safety. He must have reliable fasteners so that he does not fall on the child. Fastening curtains to the cornice is better done on the eyelets or with the help of hook-fasteners.

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