Lightning on the jacket - a replacement yourself, a replacement for the runner

In the event of a breakdown on a lightning jacket,an alternative is to walk unbuttoned or replace the zipper on the jacket. If you choose the second option, you can try this operation yourself, and you can contact a specialized studio.

Reasons for self-replacement of lightning

The cost of replacing the zipper on the jacket, like othersservices and goods, is constantly increasing. If you have enough money, do not have free time, you live alone or with several older people, it is better to contact a specialized studio. If you have children, they usually have such problems with an enviable periodicity. In this case, it is better to master this technology yourself.

What is needed to replace the lightning

To perform this operation, you needa new lightning of the same length and approximately the same width as the one to be replaced. In addition, threads of the same tone as the color of the jacket will be needed. It is very desirable to have a sewing machine with a special sewing foot.

Replacement of a zipper on a jacket

replacement of a zipper on a jacket

We remove the broken lightning, as well as all the threads that can get into the new zipper.

If there is a strip, remember its location. From the underside of the lining on the sleeve, we slice a piece about 15 cm.

First, sew a bar that covers the zipperfrom the inside and protects the person from the wind. We make a marking with the help of threads (in the future, when the eye gets stuck, it will be possible to refuse this operation). Apply the bar to its former location and perform the sewing machine line.

Then start sewing a zipper.If it was not possible to find a zipper of the same length as was originally on the jacket, then we replace the zipper with a longer one. Surplus is removed using scissors from the upper side.

Lightning is applied to the jacket.Slices of lightning and the edge of the jacket equalize. On these edges (zippers and jackets) control marks are made. Typically, using a chalk or a piece of soap to prevent skewing of the elements of the jacket.

We open the zipper, apply it to the jacket and combine the marks, equalize the slices, sweep.

In case of purchase of a longer lightning, this excess is bent at a right angle and cut off.

We lay the jacket, we spend it and watch the evenness of the line.

When using single pins, they are placed in front of the paws in order to prevent the needle from breaking.

It is better to sew a special zipperA foot that allows free movement along the denticles. In the absence of such a foot, you can use the usual foot and perform a stitch at a distance of 0.3-0.5 cm from the denticles.

We perform the same technological operations with the second part of the lightning.

After we have stitched and checked the coincidence of the labels and edges of the jacket along the length, we turn it inside out and combine its edges with the edges of the bottom. After this, is attached to the line sewing lightning. This line will be visible from the wrong side. The edges of the lightning will go from above to the collar or stitch into the canvas of the jacket.

We turn the jacket back on the front side. Straighten the stripped sleeve.

If necessary, straighten the jacket, we plan and make the finishing line from the top, getting into the original seam, which is noticeable.

replacing the zipper on the jacket with your own hands

This is how the lightning on the jacket is carried out in its own form.

What to do if the sewing machine does not sew a jacket or not a sewing machine

replacement of a zipper on a leather jacket

When replacing the zipper on a leather jacket, the sewing machine may not cope with the firmware of the skin. The following method is also suitable if the sewing machine is not available.

In these cases, you can sew a new zipper under the old one. In this case, you need to make an offset from the links in order to ensure the free movement of the lightning slider. You can also cut off the links of lightning.

If this method does not suit you, you need to look for an industrial sewing machine for the skin.

Change the zipper on a leather jacket

We remove the old zipper with the help of rips anddetachment of the old lightning, which rests on the glue. Remove the rest of the threads. Attach a new zipper using a leather glue or a double-sided adhesive tape, then fasten the jacket and check the matching of the neck, the bottom edges of the jacket and the line of pockets on the level. We make a connecting line on a special sewing machine.

When sewing lightning, you need to check that the needle grasps the bottom edge of the jacket, because the skin can be pierced only once.

Change the slider

replacement slider with zippered jackets

In many cases, only the replacement of the sliderwith a zipper jacket. If the slider does not fasten the zipper, then as a temporary measure it can be squeezed using pliers. In this case, only the dog is changed. The replacement of lightning is required when its edge is turned into "rags", or if there are no teeth on the tape. The store gets the same number of runner that stood for the same type of lock. If there is any doubt, it is better to take a jacket with you and try to fasten it in the store. The slider from the tape is removed after removing the upper tie, which is placed back after insertion of the slider. In a plastic lock such as "tractor" it can not be put back, instead of it put a metal clip from the old lock.


If necessary, you can replace the zipper on the jacket yourself. You need to have a machine, patience and follow the instructions. For a leather jacket, such a replacement is more difficult, but possible.</ span </ p>

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