How to make rope curtains in the kitchen with your own hands

A correctly designed window can immediatelytransform the room, fill it with light, and also immerse in the twilight, create a chamber environment or expand the space. Most likely, that is why the rope curtains, which came to us from the East, so quickly gained popularity. They fit organically into any interior, they can have a huge variety of incarnations and on our windows look non-trivial and fresh.

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Use of rope curtains in specific rooms

To the great joy of the adherents of this methodwindows, you can successfully use rope curtains in the interior in the conditions of premises for various purposes. They perfectly cope with the issue of zoning apartments, fence secluded corners, fill the space between the rooms and just wonderfully decorate the walls. Now let's consider in more detail the use of such curtains.

Curtain rope in the kitchen

Many do not dare to hang clothes onkitchen, for fear that they will always get dirty. In this case, it is sufficient to choose models treated with a special coating, preventing the deposition of dust on them, as well as protecting from other contaminants. Curtain rope must match the style of the kitchen and fit into its surroundings. Pick up the necessary decorative embodiment and color palette of curtains will be very simple due to the wide range that is presented today on sale.

rope curtains in the interior

Very often for the kitchen choose metaloptions for curtains, creating an excellent tandem with chrome furniture details. Is there a need to separate the dining room and the kitchen? In this case, also rope curtains are useful - they will hang in a weightless light cloud between the 2 zones, creating a unique atmosphere.


In the design of the bedroom rope curtainsare particularly relevant, since the tight closing of the threads makes it possible to avoid penetration of light, which interferes with proper rest. You can choose darker colors of the curtains. Fresh air thus freely penetrates through them, gives a healthy sleep and freshness.

curtain rope in the kitchen

The choice of curtain design directly depends on thepreferences of the inhabitants and the style of the room. Therefore, you can choose rope curtains (muslin) with sequins or beads. A romantic atmosphere can create products with weightless feathers that look very original, aesthetically and gently.

When decorating the windows in the room of a married coupleyou can use rope curtains with a pinch of fine threads, decorated with beads or beads, crystals and other similar elements. Then you get a more calibrated and quiet design, which suits the tastes of each of the inhabitants.

rope curtains with your own hands

Stylistics and colors of the room dictatethe conditions for choosing curtains, while doing so allows a variety of assortment. Such curtains serve as a beautiful canopy, very light, letting in air and flowing. Correctly selected color can create the necessary entourage - a comfortable bed, flooded with flickering light, or a secluded island of bliss.

Living room

The hall is an ideal place where you canhang rope curtains with your own hands. Usually here the area allows you to beat the segments of each product with different length levels. The placement and height of curtains can be changed by hand, tied or trimmed. It turns out that the view of the window can be constantly transformed, refreshing the interior of the room without difficulty!

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Window design is often difficult andmulti-level, although the rope curtains perfectly fit into the ensemble, enriching it with unique lightness and special sound. Interestingly, the separating surface from them can easily be removed and, if necessary, to unite the whole room.

Curtain rope in the nursery

In the children's curtain of ropes will be the presentdecoration. Iridescent bright colors, interesting decorations from beads and bugles, pompons and buttons, funny pictures of the baby will not be indifferent. They will be able to create a cheerful atmosphere, while filling the room with light and will every day please their owner with original design methods.

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Schoolchildren will be impressed with soft productspastel colors. They unobtrusively fit into the interior and at the same time emphasize the taste and style of the owner. Here you can also take advantage of this type of curtains, separating them from the sleeping or playing area from the curriculum. A huge number of ways to use such curtains is achieved due to the presence of several types of such products.

Color curtains

The spectrum of shades of curtains depends on the color scaleof the whole room. Bright colors will make the room more beautiful and cozy. For example, yellow color is perfect for living room and bedroom. Very interesting will look orange in the design of the bedroom.

There are 2 choices:

  1. Rope curtains contrast with the design of the room.
  2. Curtains correspond in color to the overall design of the room and the variations of tones within the first color are allowed.
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For example, on the south side of the bedroomyou can buy rope curtains of darker shades that can protect it from bright sun rays, while in the children's room you can hang colorful products with interesting decorative elements. But for a room in the hi-tech style, single-color neutral curtains made of ropes or hard materials with a cold metallic luster are suitable, while for classical interiors one can create a real masterpiece with lambrequin from different levels of threads.

Features & Benefits

  • Stylistic versatility is an importanta feature of these products, which greatly increases the range of their use. It should be noted that there are almost no such styles where rope curtains, the price of which is not high (from 350 rubles per meter), could not be used alone, as well as in combination with other options for window decoration.
  • Thread curtains perfectly pass air flows, thus shading the room or allowing the light to freely penetrate.
  • Amazing "livability" with other types of blinds, curtains, curtains.
  • Similar curtains can be hung on any cornice. This ability is due to the presence of a continuous fabric braid, as well as a dense upper weave.
  • A wide range of materials of manufacture and decorative, color design - this makes it possible to purchase a product that meets all requirements.
  • Rope curtains can be decorated to their own taste, while their length is adjustable with scissors.
  • Easy to clean, which eliminates the need for ironing and frequent washing, as well as an excellent appearance of the product.
  • Multifunctionality - rope products are used for zonal division of rooms, decoration of windows, can replace doors between rooms, as well as decorate walls.
  • Freshness, originality, novelty of models.
  • The presence of various variations of the placement of rope curtains, which allows you to often change the design of the room.
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