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Bebetto - strollers 2-in-1, transformers, walks

Company Bebetto specializes in the production ofgoods for kids. The cost of Bebetto products is usually low, most citizens can afford it. Among the produced wheelchairs there are also transformers, and 2-in-1 modules, and walks.

Bebetto strollers

Stroller Bebetto Vulcano - all-terrain vehicle for any weather!

Perhaps, one of the most popular todayModular wheelchairs - this is Bebetto "Vulcano". This is a transport that feels great on our roads, easily coping with dirt, snow, gravel and sand. Wheels are relatively large in size and can be pumped. The wheelbase amortization system is quite powerful, so that the wheelchair perfectly copes with the roughness of the road surface. This transport can be used throughout the "stroller" period in the life of the child, that is, from his birth to the age of three. The main advantage of this model is the possibility of installing on an aluminum chassis a cozy cradle with a hood or a walking seat, as well as an autoarmchair. You can install any of these parts in two ways: so that the child looks ahead, on the road, or so that he can see his parents. A wonderful bonus from the company Bebetto: stroller series "Vulcano" are equipped with voluminous very warm covers, which will ensure maximum comfort and warmth during winter walks.

Bebetto Vulcano

Bebetto Vulcano: safety and comfort of the baby

Everything in this product is provided for caring forthe child from the very first days of his life. For this purpose, the interior of the cradle has been thought out: soft safe fabrics of light tones, a rather spacious sleeping place, a silently adjustable voluminous hood. A cradle canopy with zippers, access to the child is not difficult. In the hood there are windows. The leisure block is equipped with safety belts, which fix the child on five points: between the legs, on the belt and on the shoulders. Thanks to this, even the most restless toddlers can not worry about their children. Additional protection is provided by the bumper, which can be removed if necessary.


Bebetto strollers are equipped with everything you need,parents do not have to rack their brains and toss in search of missing accessories. The set of the model "Vulcano" consists of a durable metal chassis with removable wheels, a cradle-cradle, a walking seat, a raincoat, a mosquito net, a warm winter cover, a three-dimensional bag for children's things. In addition, a large shopping basket is attached to the chassis, in which a lot is placed.

Advantages and some technical data

Stroller Bebetto Vulcano

Vulcano Bebetto - strollers in whichconvenient and pleasant. For the comfort of a small passenger a backrest system is developed, which can be given any of the four positions. The step can also be given any angle of inclination. On both sides of the baby's wind reliably protect the high soft boots. The hood is quite bulky, with good protection from the annoying summer sun and piercing autumn dampness, and if necessary it can be easily removed.

The stroller handle is adjustable in height - this is already an advantage for older family members. With such indicators, the rather large weight of the stroller (17.8 kg) is not surprising, and is justified.

Choosing Reasonable Parents

As you can see, the strollers "Vulcano"all the characteristics necessary for the safety and comfort of the baby and the comfort of his parents. In addition, low cost attracts more attention to this model.

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