What to do if a child falls out of bed

the child fell out of bed

Once the kid learns to move, he willdo it all the time. At the most unfortunate moment, when my mother turned away or moved away, he can get to the edge and find himself on the floor. It does not matter how high the child fell from the bed. Some babies got a concussion after landing from half a meter high on the carpet. But most often such a "flight" ends only with fright, crying without consequences. Mom and Dad, do not panic if your crumb happened to fall. You need to know what to do if the child falls off the bed.

The first actions of parents after the fall of the baby

Imagine a situation where a child falls off a bed, screams, or faints. How to behave so as not to harm the baby and check his condition? Here is a short memo:

  1. First of all, keep yourself in hand. Do not cry, scream or shake the child. Need extreme caution, mindfulness.
  2. Carefully shift the baby to a flatthe surface of the bed or changing table. Inspect him for bruises, cuts, injuries. Especially carefully examine the head, because it takes a blow at yourself.
    the child fell from the bed
  3. If the infant is unconscious, do not panic. Check if there is breath, wait a minute. He must wake up and cry quickly enough. In case of a prolonged loss of consciousness, you must call an ambulance or take the child to the hospital yourself.
  4. If there are no visible serious injuries, then takebaby in your arms, calm down. You can feed him, sing a song, entertain your favorite toy. Attach a packet of ice to the cones on your head, wrapped in a diaper. Do not play mobile games, do not brake the child, protect from loud sounds. Observe the behavior of the crumbs.
  5. If injuries are found, ensure that the child is completely at rest and call an ambulance. Only a doctor can assess the danger of the consequences of a fall.

Natural mechanisms in the baby's bodyare aimed at reducing the consequences of trauma. Spring, for example, softens the impact effect, prevents a slight shaking. However, if a child falls from a bed - this is a lesson that should teach parents to take more responsibility for the safety of the baby.

 a month-old baby fell from the bed
How to recognize a concussion of the brain

There are alarming signs thatto recognize a brain concussion in a child. It does not matter if a month-old baby has fallen from a bed or a five-year-old baby from a tree - the manifestations will be the same. List of symptoms:

  • impaired consciousness;
  • speech disorder;
  • drowsiness;
  • a severe headache that does not go away for a long time;
  • attacks of vomiting (more than one per day);
  • convulsions;
  • change the size of one of the pupils;
  • dark spots on the skin around the eyes, behind the ears;
  • bleeding or discharge of colorless fluid from the ears and nose;
  • hallucinations, both visual and olfactory.

Of course, it will be difficult for the baby to get toparents, what in his eyes is twofold. But the main markers, such as vomiting, crying for pain, will be very clear. If the child falls off the bed, watch him for two days.

How to prevent falling from the bed

the child fell from the bed

The best way to protect a baby is not tohis eyes. But in practice this rule is impracticable. Parents need to eat, sleep, do household chores. So, the baby should be provided with such a place for games that will be safe. If the child does not crawl yet, then this place may be on the floor. Equip a cozy nest in the distance from drafts and furniture. Provide crumbs with toys. While the kid is playing on the bed, surround it with large pillows. Such insurance will soften the blow, save the baby from injury. Also useful for the safe entertainment of crumbs will be the arena. He will limit the movement of the child. Now you can distract yourself from urgent business and even briefly leave the room.

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