British breed of cats

Charming kind of kittens of this famous breedwill not leave indifferent even the most ardent opponent of cats, and a clever understanding view and powerful become adults can not fail to arouse respect from those who believe that keeping cats at home is just a whim and stupidity.

Many are familiar with the hero of the famous fairy tale "Alice inWonderland ", but very few people know that the prototype of the famous Cheshire cat with its unsurpassed smile was the representatives of one of the most popular breeds to date - the British. It is the British inherent in this incomparable sardonic smirk, which, however, reminds a Russian person of the Vasnetsov fattened cat, who ate a sour cream from his grandmother, and not an overseas hero. Maybe, just for this reason, the British breed of cats today in Russia is very common, and its glorious representatives enjoy great success with pet lovers.

Whatever it was, but the British are cats in allrelations are very worthy, possessing a mass of positive qualities, starting from a beautiful exterior and ending with undemanding care and feeding. And this, mind you, with such aristocratic origins. However, true intellectuals always differed in undemanding and good breeding.

The main distinguishing feature of British catsdense and short hair is considered, so that its representatives are also classified as British shorthair. As for the color of the coat, there are a lot of colors. The most common is today the color solid: blue, chocolate and black. The most exquisite - silver and golden. In addition, the British breed of cats is characterized by a strong physique, so that both adults and kittens resemble small, teddy bears.

But the most important advantage of this breed -character. Aristocratic, independent, intelligent, calm and calm in absolutely any situation, British cats, nevertheless, are able to perfectly get along with all members of the family, patiently and with dignity to demolish any children's pranks. Moreover, they are able to conduct a kind of (with a rather long and fascinating) dialogue with their beloved host, responding to replicas with a characteristic meow. What can I say, it is enough to look into the British cat's eyes to understand that there is a very intelligent and perfectly understanding creature in front of you.

Experiencing a great love and affection forthe owner, British cats, nevertheless, in his absence are quite capable to find to themselves an occupation to liking. Incarnation of restraint and a true aristocrat, the British shorthair never shows how she was depressed and lonely in the absence of a loved one, coming out in the evening to meet the owner with a graceful, intelligent importance.

The British breed of cats is also good because theseanimals are not inclined to aggression, they are extremely patient and almost never use claws. The British are ready to play with children for a long time and with obvious pleasure, they coexist with other animals living in the house, they can stay in the kitchen with the hostess for a long time, assisting her at least with their presence. The British are true and devoted friends, they will never choose a favorite among the members of the family, regarding all the inhabitants of the house or apartment as a single friendly clan.

As already mentioned, the British breed of cats is notrequires special care. Short hair is enough to comb once a day with a soft brush, and in the food the British are unpretentious, do not require a special refined menu. The only rule that should be followed is not to give a lot of fish and limit the pet in fatty foods, because the British are prone to obesity, which is fraught with the appearance of many disorders and diseases.

In general, British cats are wonderful pets that bring joy and a sense of stability and tranquility to the family.

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