Kinds of children's activity in a kindergarten. The game as a leading activity

Visiting a preschool child by a childis an indispensable component of the comprehensive development of the personality of the future adult. If parents can teach reading and writing at home, the socialization of the child is impossible without communicating with peers and performing tasks in the team. Kindergarten promotes the normal growth of the child, prepares him for adulthood.

Types of activity in accordance with Federal requirements

There are generally accepted requirements thatmust adhere to all the preschool institutions of the country. So, the main types of children's activities in accordance with the FGT include the game component, communicative, labor, cognitive-research, music-artistic, productive, and reading.

types of child activities in the gardens
General education program in kindergartenshould be carried out not only through the interaction of an adult and a child. Many tasks baby should decide on his own. Such activities allow not only to acquire new skills, but also to consolidate existing ones.

Federal-state requirements developedtaking into account the regime moments in children in accordance with age. On this basis, the main types of children's activities need to be planned, taking into account the periods of sleep and wakefulness.

Playing activity in kindergarten

The game can rightfully be called the main kindactivities in the preschool. Role games help the development of personality, active contribute to the rapid physical development of the child. Any training is much more productive if it is interesting for the baby. It is no coincidence that many educational programs are built in the form of a game.

the main types of child activities in accordance with FGT
The entire preschool age of the child can bedivided into two groups. In the younger preschool age, games are at most objective. Children study the world around them visually. They try to distinguish one object from another, taste it. In the older preschool age, the kids are already beginning to interact with each other. Role-playing games become popular. And if the educator correctly builds the educational process, in the form of the game one can teach children to write and read. All kinds of children's activities in kindergarten should be related to it to some extent.

Cognitive-research activity

No less important activity can be consideredcognitive-research. This view is closely related to the game. It is because of the latter that the child gets to know the surrounding world. Cognitive activity is of great importance in any childhood. Depending on the goals that the educator poses for the children, this activity may include experimentation, observation, excursion.

main types of children's activities
Separately, attention should be paid to targetwalks. In the warm season, thanks to trips to the park or outside the city, the teacher helps the children solve several problems at once. Active leisure can be combined with familiarity with nature and animals of the native land. In addition, fresh air contributes to the improvement of children's appetite and sleep. An obstacle to daily walks may be too low air temperature or precipitation. In the summer season, caregivers should ensure that children spend less time in the open sun and wear headdresses. Virtually all kinds of child activities in kindergarten in summer can be carried out outdoors.

Communicative type of activity

The main task of the preschool institution ispreparing a child for future adulthood. A small person must acquire a lot of skills before he gets into the community. It is not only the ability to talk or use household items, but also the right communication with others.

Most children simply find a commonlanguage as with peers, and with adults. But in each child's preschool institution there is necessarily a group of closed-type kids, who find it difficult to socialize. This behavior may be due to the nature of the character or parenting. Often confusion in the family leads to the fact that the child closes in himself and does not want to communicate with his comrades. The main types of children's activities are aimed at helping this baby. In the game form, the teacher helps him to open up and establish contact with peers.

activities in kindergarten
Correctly organized communicativeactivity in the kindergarten also contributes to the development of the speech apparatus of children. Classes can include communication with children on specific topics, situational tasks, conversation, guessing of riddles. The game is very popular with kids. In the role of favorite fairy-tale heroes, children become more self-confident, reveal their creative potential.

Labor activity in preschool

In order to exist in a full-fledgedsociety, the child needs not only to learn how to communicate correctly, but also to serve himself. All kinds of children's activities in the kindergarten help the children learn independence. They must be able to properly dress and keep kitchen appliances without the help of adults.

Economic and domestic work is also notlast place. The child should be familiar with the activities of adults. Especially it concerns household tasks. Not only the educator teaches the kids the culture of everyday life, but also the parents at home. Even in children's preschool age, parents together with caregivers should teach the child accuracy. All babies should clean toys and kitchen appliances. A preschooler is obliged to know that all things have their places.

The joint activity of an adult and a child also contributes to social development. The kid learns to solve some or other everyday tasks more quickly, and begins to understand the degree of his importance in society.

child's activity in kindergarten

Productive activity

Classes in kindergarten can not be imagined withoutdrawing, modeling and applications. All this is a productive activity that promotes mental development. In the classroom, kids learn to express their thoughts, to show imagination. It is in the kindergarten that love for art can be laid, and parents usually at this time reveal the child's talent.

Praise is a very important pointproductive activities. In no event should the pre-school child be given errors. The educator can only direct the child, suggest how it would be optimal to solve a particular problem. It is not accidental that there is no rating system in preschool institutions. The child does not need to know that he is drawing or doing the application worse than others.

Productive activities in kindergartenhelp familiarize the child with the surrounding nature, with the basic colors and forms. In addition, drawing and modeling contribute to the development of coordination of movements.

Musical and artistic activity

Musical kinds of children's activity in children'sThe garden includes singing, singing along, playing the instruments, as well as moving games with music. In such classes, the children develop creative abilities. Many children like classes with vocal improvisation. It is musical and artistic activity that is created for the preparation of children for performances. Children learn to feel great before a large audience.

game as a leading type of children's activities

Reading in kindergarten

Despite the fact that children only begin readingOnly at school age, educators should teach this skill well before that. The child first of all must learn to listen and understand the work. A very important skill can be called the ability to handle a book. The kid should know that you can not tear the pages by looking at the illustrations.

In the middle group, the educator begins to introducechildren with letters. First of all, children learn easily pronounced letters. These are simple vowels and consonants. Next, kids learn to put letters in syllables, and they - in words.

The child's activity in kindergarten is compulsoryshould be associated with the study of small poems. Classes of this kind contribute to mental development, trains the child's memory. To study small stories and jokes parents can with children also at home.

Proper organization of leisure is also important

Teaching basic skills of the child in the child'spreschool institution is in the first place. But properly organized cultural and leisure activities in kindergarten are also important. That children could usefully spend their free time in a group, there must be a competently organized space. Particular attention should be paid to adults toys. Huge benefits have corresponding zones in the form of a living corner, kitchen or pharmacy. Special toys make children's role-playing games more intense.

Conditions for the realization of activities of children inkindergarten also includes theatrical events. Representations and tales help children to better consolidate the material they have covered. In addition, favorable conditions are created for the comprehensive development of the child within the walls of a preschool institution.

conditions for the realization of activities of children in kindergarten

Nanny or kindergarten?

Today, more and more parents preferthe upbringing of children at home. Meanwhile, it is in a preschool institution that a child can acquire skills in social and role behavior. Between children is established the experience of communication in a variety of forms. Even a negative experience that can not be obtained in the walls of your home, will go to the kid for good. And the game as a leading type of children's activities will promote the all-round development of the baby in the team.

Together with this has advantages and upbringingchild at home. A nanny with a pedagogical education will do his best to educate a specific child, taking into account the nature of his character. This will give the opportunity to bring up the best qualities in it.

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