What to feed the Spitz? Dogs of small breeds: care, maintenance

The appearance of a puppy in your house is absolutely identicalappearance in it of a small child. This furry creature also needs caress and care, attention and great accuracy. But most of all he needs high-quality food. Many owners ask the question what to feed the Spitz. Today we will try to answer it.

what to feed the Spitz

Breed of Pomeranian Spitz

These are miniature dogs that fascinate peoplehis appearance. Like chanterelles with a dense and fluffy skin, they look like soft toys in the hands of their owners. However, it must be remembered that, in spite of the tiny size, before you is a real predator, which requires a full-fledged diet. But the question of what to feed the Spitz, each breeder and owner to answer differently. Some believe that natural fodders are best suited, while others prefer a balanced dry one. Today we will talk about the merits and demerits of these different systems.

The person who acquires the Spitz, usuallysuggests that this is a typical cushioned ottoman, which will sleep throughout the day. However, you must be ready and to the irrepressible energy of these dogs. They can play day and night, and therefore it is extremely important to answer the question beforehand, what to feed the Spitz. This little "perpetuum mobile" requires constant recharging.

pomeranian bear

Breed types

In fact, they are quite different, and before that,how to buy a pet, you need to properly understand the species of these dogs. The most famous is the Pomeranian, he is also a German Spitz. However, this formulation is not entirely correct. German called the more simple representatives of the breed, and the orange dogs are called show-class dogs, with luxurious dense wool. This is a miniature dog that reaches 20-25 cm at the withers. His homeland is Pomerania. Where did the name of the breed come from. However, several types of dogs have already emerged in the course of breeding. Some with sharper, fox-like muzzles, and others - with a more rounded head and flattened muzzles. This is a bear-type Spitz, which gained wide popularity due to its peculiar appearance. They look more well-nourished, and it seems that their wool is thicker and more lush. However, the type of breed is formed definitively only in adulthood, which means that it is safe to say about the puppy, to what type it is impossible.

Pomeranian dog

American Spitz

It's hard to believe, but their roots are the same. The ancestors of these dogs (they are also called Eskimo Spitz) are their relatives from Pomerania, who were brought to America in the early twentieth century. Today there are three types of these dogs. The smallest weigh not more than 4 kilograms, the miniature weighs up to 9 kilograms, and the standard spitz is the largest, their weight is more than 16 kilograms, and the height is 48 centimeters at the withers.

In the house there was a puppy

From the very first days you have to provideworthy feeding of your pet, so you should ask the breeder what to feed the Spitz. He certainly can tell a lot about these dogs. In addition, by taking the puppy home, you must continue to feed it to what it was used to, only then gradually starting to add new types of feed. Up to three months of pups are fed 4-5 times a day, by six months can be transferred to three meals a day, and starting from 7 months - to two meals a day.

Food for puppies must be includeda lot of dairy products. Milk cooked porridge, give milk and kefir. It is very useful to give the baby cartilage, it develops the jaws and gives a lot of useful microelements. Do not forget to give fish and meat, this is the basic diet of your pet. Very useful and vegetables, do not forget to give them in a raw and boiled form, you can, having spooned with sour cream.

American Spitz

Approximate ration for Spitz: natural feeding

With each month of life, the puppy should receive allless milk and more meat and meat products. You pet is a real predator, despite its small size. At least 50% of the diet should consist of products of animal origin. The daily rate is easy to calculate if you weigh your pet. For each kilogram of weight, a minimum of 25 grams of meat is laid. It is best to give veal and beef, and chicken is also acceptable. This is the best food for Spitz, but it must be supplemented with porridge (buckwheat and rice), as well as vegetables. It can be salads or stews. Do not give the spitz bones, chicken or any other.

What you need to immediately exclude from the diet

Feeding such a crumb from your table canseem very convenient, but fraught with all sorts of health problems. Therefore, understand in advance that you can not give the dog pasta and fatty meats. Not suitable for them and fatty fish, only river. It is strictly forbidden to give them white bread and muffins, sweets and legumes. Any smoked meat, salted or pickled products, beets and mushrooms, raisins and grapes, persimmons and potatoes, sausages, corn, pearl, millet and semolina porridge.

best food for Spitz

Dry food

A small dog is very convenient to feed readyfeed. This is a balanced food that meets all the requirements and allows you to maintain the health of the dog in order. When choosing prepared feed carefully read its composition. The very first should be the product, which is the most in it. It certainly must be meat. If you see the inscription by-products or protein products, then safely put aside. Cereals should not prevail. It is best to choose premium food, because your puppy is worthy of the best. Specialists recommend such brands as Hills, Royal Canin, Bosh, Happy Dog. This is a quality feed that contains well-balanced, quality ingredients. However, today a new type of feed has appeared on the market - the holistic. This is Pronature Holistic, Acana, Felidae, Orijen, Canidae, ANF, Innova, Holistic Blend. They are distinguished by the fact that they are created exclusively on the basis of fresh and quality products, without dyes and flavors. Such food contains a lot of meat and fish, which means your pet will be cheerful and healthy for a long time.

Combined type of food

It is often used by the owners,a portion of dry food in the morning when there is no time to cook a normal breakfast. At the same time, a portion of fresh porridge with meat, vegetables or cottage cheese waits for dinner. Vets do not approve of this style of food. The assimilation of fresh and dry food is very different, and the body has to be reconstructed every time.

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