Combat knife "Kondrat-2" for self-defense

In Russia, not everyone can getpermission for weapons for self-defense, that's what our citizens need to get out of. Some spend a lot of money on pneumatics, others buy a regular gas can (less efficient), and some use some handy tools. But there are those who trust knives.

knife "Kondrat"
Skills and experience in this matter are manybut, nevertheless, the knife is the most reliable and compact civilian weapon in our controversial country. So, we'll talk about the Kondrat knife. It is a standard version of a knife with a cutting edge. It was created by the head of the school of military fencing Vadim Kondratiev.

Initially, the Kondrat knife was created forself-defense of physically unprepared people. For the convenience of wearing it, the creator developed a practical small handle of khaki color, which should be firmly and reliably in the hand. The result is an ergonomic and functional blade with a blade length of 120 mm and a width of 37 mm. When making it, the material was carefully selected. The handle is made of high quality plastic, the blade is made of strong steel.

knife "Kondrat" 2
In order to "Kondrat" knife well "sat" in thehand, hilt made a little rough and uneven. The descents are slightly reduced, the convex base of the blade is concave, it is sharpened by a hundred millimeters. Thanks to a unique design, the weapon pierces the surface even with a small stab.

As a result, a unique model,surpassed foreign knives. At first glance, the weapon may seem unpretentious and unattractive, but there is nothing accidental or superfluous in it. Every smallest detail has its purpose and functionality.

Knife "Kondrat" - this is really a military weapon,convenient and comfortable for self-protection in urban conditions. Its compact dimensions allow it to be worn daily in a special case, without fear that the knife someone will see. And in self-defense it is easy to extract at a natural angle, even if your opponent will try to prevent the withdrawal of weapons.

"Kondrat" knife
Also, the knife "Kondrat" -2 differs from the restpiercing-cutting characteristics, which guarantees an accurate and deep cut of the most dense fabric. This indicates the quality and solid steel, the correct sharpening of the point and the natural form. Consequently, the combat properties of this knife perfectly determine the suitability of the entire set - the weapon plus the system of its wearing for the quick solution of the tactical task.

No matter how wonderful and sharp the other isknife, if it does not meet the above requirements, then in combat conditions this can lead to a fatal outcome, i. e. a person can not either pull out a weapon in a timely manner or lose it. The Kondrat knife is a unique means for self-defense and not for other purposes, for example, for household purposes it is not at all suitable.

Kondratyev's sheath is also unique in itsthey do not have fixing elements and special locking loops. The original design is built of flexible, durable plastic: only in two small holes of the scabbard is a cord made of synthetic material, ensuring a strong placement of the knife. "Kondrat" will be appreciated only by an experienced person who knows good weapons.

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