We choose a kindergarten.

Working parents always try to arrangehis child in kindergarten. So the problem of choosing a suitable institution sooner or later rises before young parents. Fashion trends in the organization of private schools have not bypassed the pre-school education. An increasing number of such institutions offer their services to help parents in the upbringing of their children.

So what to choose? State or private kindergarten? What are their differences, advantages and disadvantages? We will try to answer these questions.

First, the contract that will be offered to you inmunicipal garden, has a standard common for the whole city form. Any additional items can not be entered into the contract at your request. Private kindergartens can go to you for a meeting and prescribe in the contract some features of your child's stay at the educational institution (within reasonable limits of course). You will most likely not be provided with a separate room for daytime sleep, but the opportunity to extend your stay in the kindergarten over and above your usual time or additional musical or speech therapy classes can be indicated in the contract.

Secondly, the salaries of staff in privatekindergarten, as a rule, significantly higher than the salaries of state institutions, respectively, the requirements for qualification of employees are higher. Therefore, parents can be sure that they leave their child in reliable experienced hands.

Thirdly, the services provided by the privatekindergarten, are significantly more expensive than in their municipal counterparts. This is due to the fact that in a private kindergarten parents only pay a monthly fee to a bank account, all other additional payments are not available. You can be sure that at the parents' meeting you will not be asked to hand in some money for new furniture, toys, carpet or water heater. Providing all this takes care of the management of the kindergarten. In the state kindergarten, the size of such "surcharges" sometimes exceeds the official cost of services at times. And no one refuses, "it's all for our children." As a result, the cost of a child's stay in a state kindergarten can sometimes exceed the cost of a private kindergarten.

Fourth, private schools in ourthe country has traditionally been under the vigilant increased attention of various monitoring bodies, so the high quality of cooking products and a varied menu is guaranteed. Still no state kindergarten was closed for mass poisoning of children in the dining room. The maximum fires the perpetrators. If this happens in a private kindergarten, it will simply cease to exist. Business reputation will be irreparably damaged, the organization will be deprived of the right to pre-school education of children, etc. etc. Therefore, in organizing the quality and safe nutrition of your child, you can not doubt.

Fifth, private kindergartens often havethe possibility of a child's stay and at night. In Soviet times, there were special kindergartens for children, whose parents often go on business trips or step on night duty (for example, doctors). Today there are no such state kindergartens, therefore for parents whose work is related to the frequent absence of a home at night, such a private kindergarten will be a real salvation.

In the end, the choice is stillparents and often when choosing a suitable kindergarten they pay attention not to the quality of the pre-school educational institution, but to the official cost of services and the proximity to the home.

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