Can I get sick in the first week of pregnancy? When will the toxicosis pass?

Not all representatives of the beautifulsex signs of pregnancy are obvious. Some understand that the pregnancy did occur, only after the stomach begins to grow. But the bulk of women are guided by the absence of menstruation, although it happens that they continue until the very birth.

Almost all pregnant women immediatelythere are an infinite number of questions about your health, especially if they are in this state for the first time. Someone is interested in whether to get sick in the first week of pregnancy. We will try in this article to answer this question in as much detail as possible.

Toxicosis, a poisoning or a cold?

To begin with, every woman has an organismreacts to everything that happens to him, completely individually. Some ladies in an interesting situation will never be able to support the talk about toxicosis, because for the whole 9 months they have not met with him so. Others, on the contrary, felt on themselves and early toxicosis, and late.

can I get sick in the first week of pregnancy

Some future mothers doubt whether there aretoxicosis in the first week or not. They often can take nausea in the morning for banal poisoning or a kind of reaction to an ordinary cold. But all the same, nausea in pregnancy can manifest itself quite early, and this will be the very first signal that a new life has arisen in the woman's body.

Oh, this first week ...

But can I get sick in the first weekpregnancy? Definitely not. And this will be the answer of any gynecologist. And suddenly he will add self-hypnosis. But not everything is so simple, because many women later recalled how they were sick just a few days after conception. So let's try to figure out why this happens. And yet - how long does the toxicosis that began in the first days after the fertilization of the egg?

how long does it last?

Toxicosis - not a very pleasant phenomenon, but hehappens at the majority of mummies. Some women are appalled at just one thought about him. Others quietly listen to every change in the body, rejoice that "everything turned out". And yet, nausea before the delay of menstruation appears quite rarely. After all, it happens because of hormonal adjustment - a more active development of progesterone. This occurs 3-4 weeks after conception or 5-6 obstetric. But doctors believe that this toxicosis is early, and it can only be explained by the individual characteristics of the organism.

From the above conclusion, it can be understood that gynecologists in response to a question about whether they can vomit in the first week of pregnancy will categorically say that they do not.

We consider it inaccurate

Scientifically explain such an early nausea canonly one: the calculations were inaccurate. Usually the future mother for the starting point takes the very day when the conception occurred, or the first day of delay. And by the time of delay, the gestation period is approximately 2 weeks (or 4 obstetric days); The hormonal reconstruction of the body continues. That's why even the slightest malaise and instills in a woman a sense of joy at the thought of future motherhood. In most cases, it does. Toxicosis begins after a delay in menstruation, so moms respond positively to the question of whether to get sick in the first week of pregnancy.

A week before

But doctors find another explanation for everything -early ovulation. That is, the fertilization of the egg occurred before the deadline for about a week. It is then clear why the future mother is sure that she is sick after conception, almost in the first days. However, a little later it will be found out that the notorious "first" week is not such a first one.

 when there will be a toxicosis

That's why, answering the question about nausea invery early in pregnancy, you can face many additional questions, concepts, medical terms. Especially if we take into account the individual characteristics of the female body and blindly believe in maternal intuition.

When will it end?

Almost every future mother at the very beginningpregnancy (in the first trimester) worries when the toxicosis passes. Unfortunately, no doctor can tell the exact date. Every woman has her own way. Approximately toxicosis ends in the first trimester, this corresponds to 12-14 weeks of pregnancy.

The organism of the future mother is experiencing some hormonal changes. Therefore, toxicosis begins. First trimester usually accompanied by all kinds of nausea,aversion to food, aversion to smells. At the beginning of pregnancy this is natural. Much more dangerous is considered toxicosis, which occurs after half the time has already passed. This may be the answer to some problems in the body.

Protection from toxins

Toxicosis should not be afraid. You just have to endure it, endure it. A little later he will pass by himself, without any participation of Mom. Gradually the placenta develops. At 14 weeks she will have a certain degree of maturity. That's why most pregnant women do not have toxicosis anymore.

sick of conception

The placenta seems to protect the future mother. Thanks to it, the toxins released by the fetus do not adversely affect the woman's body. And before that they freely entered the bloodstream, causing intoxication. Just this situation leads to vomiting, nausea, intolerance of certain odors. Yes, and hormonal adjustment also "helps" this. That is why in the first stages of pregnancy a woman suffers from increased salivation and other "delights" of her condition. Some ladies can lose some weight, because the type of food does not cause them to refresh themselves.

Is it really necessary to treat toxemia?

According to doctors-gynecologists, toxicosismost often occurs in women who are waiting for the first-born. If the pregnant woman misses doctor's advice, does not follow the regime of the day, improperly eats, then, perhaps, toxicosis will be her "neighbor" and in the second half of the term. In medicine, this is called gestosis. Its signs are swelling, protein in the urine and increased pressure. Doctors are obliged to carry out prophylaxis and treat gestosis. During treatment, they pay attention to the degree of its severity. If the case is severe, a woman can be put in a hospital.

toxicosis in the first week

Absolutely no need to usesome special means for toxicosis at the beginning of the expectation of the baby. And treatment is not required. But if a woman has constant vomiting, the doctor can prescribe soft-action drugs. As a rule, they use means of vegetable origin, which will not cause any harm to the baby.

Duration of toxicosis

When will the toxicosis pass? The answer to this question interests many future mothers. Usually by the 12 weeks of pregnancy, most women feel good. But some sigh with relief only by the 16th week. The situation can complicate and chronic diseases of the pregnant woman. Healthy women suffer the first weeks much easier. But by the middle of an interesting situation, the hormonal background of mothers is stabilizing, and the placenta is already formed. Therefore, their well-being improves.

first trimester toxemia

So, how much toxemia lasts, it was already possiblesort out. This is absolutely not a terrible phenomenon in the life of a pregnant woman. Just have to go through it. If a woman feels insecure, then it is better for her to lie down or take a walk in the fresh air - this is how someone finds it possible for herself. To remove the nausea will help either acidic drinks (mors, water with a slice of lemon), or a cup of sweet tea with crackers. In food it is better not to eat dishes with the aroma of garlic, onions or other too "fragrant" additives. Reduce any signs of toxicosis will help any foods in which high protein content. It will be useful to use freshly squeezed juice, green tea or ordinary clean water. Any homeopathic preparations that the expectant mother is going to take should be shown to your doctor.

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