Doctor's Day in Russia

One of the most ancient and important sciences ismedicine. The first professional oath, which appeared in the world, was the oath of Hippocrates. The Day of Solidarity of Doctors of the World is celebrated on International Doctor's Day, which was approved by the World Health Organization initiative. It is held in October on the first Monday. For the international humanitarian medical organization created in 1971 under the name "Doctors Without Borders" this is also a professional holiday. Its founders are the International Red Cross, UNICEF and the Maltese Order, operating under the auspices of the United Nations.

On International Doctor Day allthe contribution of this independent and donor-financed organization, which undoubtedly contributes immensely to helping victims of natural disasters and cataclysms, epidemics, armed conflicts, social exclusion in a large number of countries. It helps absolutely everyone, regardless of ethnic, political or religious affiliation. Every year, 700 employees of medical professions, being exposed to danger, work in hot spots around the world.

The day of the doctor or medical worker was also celebrated in the USSR. It was approved by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in 1980. Every year it is celebrated in Armenia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. Day of a doctor in Russia, as well as in these countries, are celebrated in June (every third Sunday).

A wonderful profession of a medical doctor in practicenever chosen by chance. It is mastered by those whose vocation is to save people's lives. Although this day is observed relatively recently, it has become a good tradition. On this day, congratulations on Doctor's Day are received not only by doctors, but also by nurses, midwives, nurses and all other personnel directly involved in medicine.

The existence of this profession is known fromtime immemorial. Scientists say that our ancestors were actively self-medicated and helped each other in the treatment of diseases and the elimination of injuries. The border dividing independent assistance and medical activity can be considered the first rudiment of the emergence of medicine. A characteristic feature of this period was the desire to help another person, who prevailed over the instinct of self-preservation.

To date, the profession of a doctor is in demand,more than ever. Each of us at least once asked for specialized help and realizes that miracles are performed not only by wizards, but also by people in white coats. They meet a person at birth and often become exactly those who are close at the last moments of life. Congratulating the Doctor's Day, patients express their gratitude to them for their lives saved, cordiality, indifference and great responsibility towards each patient.

Health in modern society and effortsdoctors are aimed at maintaining health. Real physicians are also cosmopolitans, because those who have achieved international recognition communicate with patients from different countries and continents. On the Day of the Doctor, there is an association that is so necessary to sharpen the focus on problems in the struggle, not only for health, but for peace. It is these people who can actively oppose armed conflicts and attacks, because, as saviors of human lives, they actively participate in these events.

Congratulate your friends and relatives who havedirect relation to the medical profession, on Doctor's Day in Russia, because the workers, fully in accordance with such a high calling, are worthy of the warmest and sincere words.

Recently, the Russian government has beenadditional financing in this industry. National projects are being implemented that yield noticeable results. The medical institutions receive timely support, excellent diagnostic equipment, modern equipment, comfortable conditions for the doctor's work are being formed.

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