Toilet for cats is closed. Subtlety and nuance

toilet for cats indoor
Before the threshold of your house overstepsminiature tiger, you need to prepare all your personal hygiene items for a future member of your family. These include not only couches and bowls, but also a tray. Toilet for cats is closed - what we will tell you about today, just for you to learn about its merits.

Having crossed the threshold of a pet store, you, most likely,will be shocked by choice. For people so much is not invented, but for cats the diversity is simply amazing. You will be offered as the most simple for 50 rubles, and not quite - thousands for ten rubles. Whether it is worth paying such money, it's up to you.

A simple open type tray is inexpensive, butwill require frequent cleaning. Few agree to this, but this does not mean that the toilet for cats is closed much better. The decision should remain exclusively for you: if you decide that the savings are more important, and you can clean up the pet several times a day, then please. Moreover, it is the open type of cat's cousins ​​that are indispensable for small kittens, who are still afraid. By the way, there are semi-closed, not allowing the filler to pour out during the rapid instillation process.

indoor toilet for cats reviews

And now consider the toilet for cats closed,which is a small house, similar to plastic carrying, only the door is not blocked and opens in both directions. There are not only various in form (straight, triangular), but also in functionality. A novelty in the market can be considered automatic toilet for cats closed, which is capable of self-cleaning on demand or as needed (depends on the model). A special mechanism sifts the filler, collects the crumpled waste in a special plastic bag in the drive. Clean the drive is necessary as it is being filled, but try not to exceed the recommended volume. A pure filler is easily poured from above.

The only negative that has a closed toiletfor cats (customer reviews say this), is a price that starts at $ 200. Slightly cheaper are similar mechanical specimens, cleansing in which occurs by pressing the lever.

corner closed toilet for cats

The simplest toilets of this model area banal tray with a lid that is able to keep unpleasant odors with the help of built-in carbon filters. Cleaning of the tray is carried out exclusively by your forces, and can be done every three to four days (per cat). There are variants of different shapes, colors and sizes. For example, an angular closed toilet for cats is perfectly located in the corner and will take up a little space. By the way, do not discount such indicators as size, and if it is assumed that the cat will grow large, then the pot is better to look for spacious.

The only drawback for all these models isConsider only the height of the edge at the entrance. It's big enough. An adult cat can easily cope with it, but a small kitten - no. Therefore, for the first time, there is a reason to use the simplest and most common small-sized chunks and only then go to the multifunctional, easy-to-use copies.

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