ELC (Center for Early Development): the world-famous brand is now in Russia!

The progressive part of mankind has long recognizedthe fact that the largest amount of information can digest the child's brain at an early age. A similar statement is true for the body. Hence the increasing number of supporters of the idea of ​​early development of babies. A lot of noise was done by studies conducted

elc Early Development Center
a group of Japanese specialists led byIbuki Matsura, also known as the founder of the SONY Corporation. His method of early development is based on the fact that to teach kids to start almost from birth, because with age, the ability to absorb information is reduced. The main thing is to get the child interested in the lessons, but it is not so difficult, because he is interested in almost everything.

As a consequence, many steel producersproduce toys that promote the all-round development of the baby. There appeared a lot of young companies focused on the production of only such goods. One of them is the ELC (Center for Early Development), which recently came to Russia from the UK. What is this brand different from the rest?

ELC (Center for Early Development) - what is it?

The name of the company suggests that it is some kind ofchildren's club, where classes are held with the kids. Indeed, we are used to the fact that the early childhood development centers are usually not shops, but leisure companies. In the case of this brand, this is not so, or rather, not exactly. ELC - a store selling toys, dealing with which, the child has the opportunity to constantly learn something new for themselves. In general, on its shelves are products of its own production. However, you can find products of other brands that specialize in creating "useful" toys.

The slogan of the company: learn, study and create. It is for this purpose that the brand's toys are produced. For the convenience of parents and children, the entire assortment is divided into categories, for example: creativity, development of physical abilities, reading, counting, imagination and so on. In the ELC you can find toys for both newborns and preschool children.

method of early development
A feature of the store is its openness: coming to one of the centers, you can play, and then, having evaluated the interest of the child, something to choose and purchase. On a regular basis, holidays for children and their parents are held.

ELC (Center for Early Development): advantages and disadvantages for the Russian consumer

One of the main advantages of the store iscall it a convenience: in one place a lot of toys, benefits, goods for outdoor activities are collected. Find something interesting can be for newborns, and for children already going to school.

Separately it is necessary to tell about quality of production: all the materials from which the toys are made comply with European standards. The development of concepts is carried out together with child psychologists and designers.

And of course, the above mentioned possibilitycome to the store and not only see the products, but also try it out in the game, an advantage that not every child's shopping center can boast.

centers of early development of children
Unfortunately, there are small cons. Prices for toys ELC (Center for Early Development) are quite high, and if you want you can find analogues of Russian or other production. This drawback, of course, is partly due to the high quality of the products.

Another point that is more important is the lack ofRussification. Buying a child toys such as puzzles, "Couples" and others, you need to be prepared for the fact that all the inscriptions on them will be in English. Of course, in some cases it can be wrapped in a plus. But only when the plans include training the baby to him.

And yet look at the ELC, because there can always find something interesting for your child.

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