Riddle about the chicken in a game form

Babies like to take part in variouscompetitions, relay races and public events. Therefore, if your child has a birthday or just came to visit his peers, arrange for the kids a real competition to solve the problems. An interesting riddle about a chicken will help to amuse the children.

And more interesting and brighter event will happen if you tell the boys and girls not to call the word the answer, but show it or draw. Fun and emotional impressions are provided.

How to make a holiday special

That it was not just fun, but reallyunforgettably, it will be very interesting to write a script where every kid will play a role. With this passing of the holiday, the riddle about the chicken for children will not just become an evolving and interesting one. It will allow to show real actor's talents.

The riddle about the chicken in verse

riddle about chicken

You can take note of the following tasks:


Cackle like she

And the cock for the wife.


Bright feathers, sonorous voice.

Neighbor neighbor

Who is this, buddy?


Everyone knows it well, it gives food.

You eat an omelet, well, an egg has taken, of course ....

(a hen)


Behind the chickens runs

He speaks to them.

Does not let go

He worries about them.

And it's not strange, because she

Their own mother.



Do not go far.

Her little chicks,

Who is their mother, boys?


Who walks around the garden?

And does my grandmother live?

Pestle feathers, ringing neck

And cackle loves little by little.


She collected all her children,

Someone told them all.

How is their mother called, who will answer here?


They live by a company of hen and husbands.

They croons from the morning crow the cookies.

Chickens are grown, bear testicles

What kind of birds are these?


She lives on the farm

And eggs are white

Of these, the chickens grow

Who carries them? Do the guys know?


Growing from an egg

The feathers are always colorful.

And cackle she likes

Who is it, baby?


Her cock protects

Kukareku exclaims to her!

It helps the whole family,

After all, she carries eggs with chickens.

Riddle about a chicken in prose

riddle about chicken for children

Want to include in the puzzle for the kids full information? Then the riddle about the chicken in prose is the ideal solution.


Who took the golden egg that no one could smash?


She has motley feathers and a red comb.


With multi-colored feathers, sonorous speaks to-ko and lives on a farm.


She is well known to all children, she is in many fairy tales. Usually it is accompanied by a cock and chickens. Who are they, guys?

Do it with your baby and his friends. Let your efforts be evaluated by the younger generation. Become a true friend for your little son or daughter.

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