What is characteristic for the food "Hills" for cats

The beginning of the giant of modern industry inproduction of pet food for the company Hills was laid in the late 30-ies of the last century. Then a veterinarian from the US Morris, realizing the importance of a proper diet, picked up a guide dog, who was ill with urolithiasis, a diet with a low amount of protein, which essentially prolonged her life.

fodder for cats

For more than fifty years the company has been producingready-made Hills feed for cats and dogs. All rations are developed with the participation of veterinarians, nutritional scientists in the company's own research institute. They study both the normal processes of the vital activity of the organism of the animals, and those that occur in various pathologies. Consider the influence of consumed food on the whole organism in norm and in diseases.

What is the product now?

The company produces it in a dry and wet(canned), with the feed "Hills" for cats, as well as for dogs, is represented in three main lines. Each of them has a different purpose. Let us consider them below. The quality of any feed of the company is regarded as super-premium.

So, the line of universal everyday feeding of pets - Science Plan - a balanced nutritious feed "Hills" for cats. It is easily assimilated by the pet's body, delicious and aromatic.

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Nature's Best (Ideal Balance) - a category of forages of exclusively natural origin, enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Prescription Diet - this feed "Hills" for catswas developed and released specifically for people suffering from various diseases of animals. In accordance with established causes and mechanisms of disease, a diet containing an increased or decreased amount of certain nutrients is selected. A similar food line is produced for dogs.

Cat food "Hills" Prescription Dietis produced in a wide range of varieties for pets suffering from various diseases, such as pathologies of the genitourinary, cardiac, digestive systems, liver disease, kidney problems, skin problems and its appendages (wool, claws). Also there is a special feed "Hills" for cats having diabetes mellitus, food allergies, obesity, pets-convalescent after serious illnesses or surgeries.

In this category of feed, the company makes a specialaccent, all types of rations of the therapeutic line are delivered to veterinary clinics, for example, in the US, and prescribed by doctors in conjunction with drug treatment.

hells for cats

What are the benefits of this cat food

  1. Development of rations is carried out separatelyfor each particular age group and for the weight category. Organisms of kittens need accents on other nutritional components, rather than in elderly cats. High-quality components are used in food production, and modern technological processes and equipment allow creating excellent products.
  2. The feed "Hills" for cats is tested clinically. This means that you can be sure that it is suitable for an animal suffering from an ailment and not only will not cause harm to health, but will also bring a benefit to the pet.
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