Such different and unusual tetra (fish)

Тетры – рыбки, относящиеся к роду харациновых. Homeland of these small fishes is South America. In the wild they live in the cleanest rivers, which are rich in oxygen. Feed tetra (fish) feed on larvae of various insects and soft and delicate parts of algae.

These fish are gregarious, that's whyone can not meet them alone. Aquarium fish tetra also can not live alone, she needs a company. The aquarium should be planted with plants, as well as decorative snags, and then it will surely please your fish.

Tetra (fish) and their varieties

There are several dozen species of tetrafish,among which the most popular inhabitant of aquariums is amanda. This species was found in the central part of the Amazon. Amanda is a small fish with a gentle and pastel color. Such a fish can be kept in company with catfish or other peaceful aquarium fish, for example with kölurihtis, which have a pleasant and harmonious coloring. But such fish is problematic enough to contain at home.

Fish Treads

But, for example, lemon tetra is an ideal option for a home aquarium, it is absolutely unpretentious and very peaceful.

It should be noted that the tetra (fish) in the mainThey are unpretentious, and are very popular due to their color. To the fish presented above, you can populate the "red" tetra (rhodostomus) with a bright and contrasting color, as well as a sapphire tetra.

Often in domestic aquariums can be foundsuch wonderful fish as glass tetras. This name is obtained through a transparent body, in addition, the tail of the fish has a contrasting red spot.

aquarium fish tetra

All kinds of fish that were mentioned above,absolutely omnivorous. They can eat both live, dry and frozen food, and will not be bothered to eat vegetarian food. But nevertheless, food for tetrafish should be chosen with care.

It is necessary to feed the red-nosed tetra with live or vegetable feed, sometimes artificial substitutes can be used in the diet.

The tetral tetris eat absolutely any food,which you will give them. Undoubtedly, glass fish give a greater preference to the living fodder - bloodworm, daphtha, tubular, but they will never give up dry food. It is worth remembering that it is strictly recommended not to feed the tetras with dry food, as in this case the fishes develop very poorly and grow. Also, as a top dressing, they can be pleased with small insects or larvae.

Tetra von Rio eats all kinds of both live and dry food, the main thing is to make sure that the feed is not too large.

fodder for fish tetra

Mirror tetras should be fed with small crustaceans, small water and surface insects, as well as chopped tubular.

Diamond tetra must be fed very diverse and abundant. In her diet must be a living food, and only occasionally you can feed with mixed fodders.

Tetra-lantern is fed with small and nutritious food - daphia, chopped tubular, grindal.

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