How to castrate a cat in modern conditions?

How to castrate a cat? This question arises in most animal owners. This is a seamless operation, necessary in those cases when the content of the pet is not aimed at breeding kittens.

How to castrate a cat yourself? The answer to it is only one - no way. This should deal with competent doctors.

How to bones a cat at home, you can find out in the veterinary clinic, where you can leave the doctor. The vet will come home and conduct the procedure.

how to castrate a cat
Many are interested not only in the answer to the question of how to castrate a cat, but at what age should it be done?

It is best to perform this operation when the cat is 8-10 months old, but as practice shows, it can be successfully done at any age.

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia andlasts about 30 minutes. In the area of ​​the scrotum, a small incision is made, through which the testes are removed. Hardest of all cats suffer anesthesia. Before the operation, the doctor must examine the cat and assess the state of his health.

Special care after the procedure is not required,therefore leaving a cat in a veterinary hospital is not necessary. The only thing that needs to be done after castration, do not leave a pet alone, when it will go away from anesthesia.

There is an opinion that cats after castration become lazy and sleepy. It should be noted that this opinion is erroneous. Cats after castration remain cheerful and cheerful.

to castrate a cat or not

After castration, the animals begin to gain weight, andIt's right. After the operation, the cats metabolism slows down, so at night they do not run, but prefer to sleep, which leads to excess weight. This problem is solved with the help of special food and proper nutrition. Recommended diet menu.

If you are in doubt about castrating a cat orno, it's best to consult a competent veterinarian. He will look at your pet and draw the appropriate conclusions. If the cat is healthy, you can not be afraid to castrate it. This operation has long been successfully done in all vetpolikliniki. As practice has shown, castration of cats solves many problems, especially when keeping animals in urban apartments.

Many male owners refuse to castrateExpressing their male solidarity. But only then do they understand and feel all the shortcomings. The apartment has an unpleasant smell, in addition, with the onset of the mating season, animals behave restlessly.

castration and sterilization
If the cat has reached the age of maturity,the owners will not be bored. She will arrange regular concerts, roll around on the floor and purr, beckoning gentlemen. Any host grabbed his head. There are three ways out: let the cat out into the street, take her with the bridegroom or cast him out. The first method is not suitable for large cities: almost all animals that walk alone, die on the street. The second way attracts care of kittens: they need to be attached. There remains the third option.

Castration and sterilization are very in demand inpresent time. Some mistakenly believe that the first concept refers to cats, and the second to cats. But in fact, this is not entirely true. Sterilization, indeed, only females are exposed. In this case, the organs do not remove, but only disrupt the reproductive function. When castration, the sex glands (testes) are removed from the cats and uterus and ovaries in cats. The second operation is more in demand, since sterilized cats can not have offspring, but they need a binding.

As we see, in our time the question of how to castrate a cat is solved elementary, the main thing is to decide for yourself whether you need to do this.

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