Vacuum cleaner Redmond RV 318: customer reviews

The cleaning process is an integral part of everyday lifemany families. In addition, it requires some effort and time. But developing technologies can ease the life of the hostess and offer a variety of devices. The most popular assistant is a vacuum cleaner, which is able to get rid of dust and dirt in a short time. There are a lot of different samples in stores, among which you can always find a suitable model. Of course, the requirements for all are different, but most consumers are looking for the best option, which satisfies the quality and price. Such technique is the vacuum cleaner Redmond RV 318. Reviews of the product are mostly recommendatory, the buyer is not disappointed and gets a high-quality model at an attractive price.

vacuum cleaner redmond rv 318 reviews

Briefly about the model

The feedback on the model shows that the technique has fairly high-quality characteristics, but it is important to understand what the Redmond RV 318 vacuum cleaner is.

It is a compact but quite powerful unit. It allows you to easily cope with a large number of dry contaminants. The technique is not only convenient to use, but also has an attractive appearance. Vacuum cleaner Redmond RV 318, reviews received as an elegant model that effectively copes with the tasks assigned to it and at the same time pleases the eye of the consumer.

vacuum cleaner redmond rv 318

Main characteristics

Of course, reviews of appearance are important for the hostess, but technical characteristics are the highest priority.

A feature of the model is the function"Multicyclone 8 + 1". This is a filtration system that guarantees suction power, even if the dust collector is already clogged. The unit is equipped with a fine filter. This feature allows you to delay even the smallest dust particles. Pollen of plants and products of vital activity of insects cause allergic reactions. Vacuum cleaner Redmond RV 318, testimonials confirming this, protects against such troubles.

For convenience of use the model is equipped with a plastic container. It is convenient to remove and clean regularly.

It is important to understand that the unit is intended only forfor dry cleaning, that is, it is not a detergent and does not combine both functions. Therefore, if you need a wet cleaning, then you will have to do it separately.

 vacuum cleaner redmond rv 318 suction power

Power Consumption

Especially demanding housewives canrecommend a vacuum cleaner Redmond RV 318. The suction power of the unit is quite high and is 350 watts. At the same time, the power consumption is at 1600 W. We can say that the suction force does not make the model uneconomical. You can completely get rid of the dust in a large apartment, but do not go broke on the electricity consumed.

The "Redmond 318" vacuum cleaner is characterized by a smooth start of the engine. The sample is equipped with electronic temperature control, so it turns off if there is an overheating of the motor.

For ease of use, the power regulatorsuction is located on the handle. This design saves the strength of the housewives, and the cleaning process is much easier. There is no need to constantly bend over to adjust the suction force.

The suction tube is telescopic, which makes it possible to fix the optimum length. In addition, it is easier to store such a design, because in the folded form, the component parts are inserted one into the other.

vacuum cleaner redmond rv 318 review

Dust collector type

Many characteristics attract a vacuum cleanerRedmond RV 318. The review of the model will be incomplete if you do not consider the type of dust collector used. The most budgetary models are equipped with a bag. They can be disposable and reusable. The first are the most environmentally friendly, but none of them is able to retain the tiniest dust particles.

The sample is completed with a cyclonefilter. The vacuum cleaner is based on a special system of work, in which a powerful air flow forms a funnel and knocks all the dust into a hard lump that gets into the plastic container. As necessary, it is easy to get, shake out the contents and insert into place. For special cleanliness, it is recommended to wash the container periodically. Use the vacuum cleaner only after the filter has dried completely.

It is important that the plastic container has a largemargin of safety compared to bags. With it, it is safe to collect shards of broken dishes or small construction debris. Still, the smallest particles are passed through the plastic containers, and the air filtration is worse than the models with the aquafilter.

vacuum cleaner redmond rv 318 specifications

But in general, vacuuming with plasticfilter can be called almost ideal. To date, such units are considered advanced, and reviews of the Redmond 318 model show that the unit allows high-quality cleaning.

Standard equipment

Many consumers are considering for purchasevacuum cleaner Redmond RV 318. The characteristics that are discussed above are impressive, but for the final decision it is necessary to take into account all the nuances. The equipment is no less important, therefore it is indicated separately.

As already noted, the pipe at the unittelescopic. It is rather not a virtue, but an indispensable attribute of a modern vacuum cleaner. Also, a decent model should have an optimal set of additional attachments. In this case, there are two of them:

  1. Standard (half-carpet). Allows you to quickly switch from one mode, where there is no pile, on the other - with a pile.
  2. Crevice nozzle. Allows mistresses to remove dust in the most inaccessible places. It is convenient to get rid of it with dirt on the radiators and in the area of ​​the baseboards.

vacuum cleaner redmond

Basically, users do not lack additional elements. However, there are opinions that the baits are not enough.

Comfortable little things

Considering the model Redmond RV 318, you can not failtake into account other useful functions. The unit has an automatic cord rewind function. This is a significant plus, because after harvesting there is no need to manually unwind the cable.

It is important that the power regulator is located on a telescopic tube. But the case also has a footswitch. This approach allows you to quickly and conveniently turn on and off the equipment.

In the vacuum cleaner itself there is a container where it is possible to store attachments that are not in use at the moment. Therefore, mistresses are spared the need to find an additional place to find them.

It can be seen that the whole structure is thought out. Buyers are comfortable to use a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, it is not surprising that the unit has a lot of positive responses.

Features of operation

Any home appliance has an instruction foroperation. Of course, it does not make sense to paint it in detail, but some points are worth noting. The use of the unit does not represent anything complicated, and the manufacturer did not introduce new technologies.

To clean, you need to connectunit into the network, select the desired nozzle and select the optimal length of the telescopic tube. The foot is comfortable to turn on the vacuum cleaner, and only then adjust the power level. The button, as already mentioned above, is located on the handle.

It is worth knowing some nuances about the power levelabsorption. In this case, you need to navigate to the floor surface. If this is a hard coating, then you can set the maximum level. The minimum speed is for delicate fabrics, like curtains.

 redmond rv 318


In this article, the vacuum cleaner Redmond RV 318 was considered. Reviews about its use are mostly positive. Buyers noted the optimal combination of quality models and affordable prices.

Many consumers rated high poweraggregate and minimum energy consumption. Using a plastic container instead of the usual bag makes it possible to clean it with special care. Minute dust particles turn into a dense lump, which is easy to shake out.

The vacuum cleaner is easy to use, it is quite simplecollected and disassembled. Also, there are many reviews about the low noise level, which is very important for most housewives. Given the mass of positive feedback, quality characteristics and reasonable price, you can definitely recommend this model to buy.

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