Choose names for chinchillas

Any owner of a pet,pet, implicitly or implicitly hopes that the reward for feeding, cleaning the cage, visits to the vet will be love, devotion or at least a friendly attitude of the pet. It is clear that the result can be obtained more quickly and easily if, along with an obligatory program of care, to tame and educate a cute little animal.

Of course, to bring up, for example, fish in an aquarium - it's useless. Start a "conscious" pet!

Our choice is chinchilla!

Like any rodent, the chinchilla is quite timid andtimid creature. They are almost like people - each has his own character, and you will never see two of the same animals. Already tamed chinchillas are characterized by sociability and activity. Some of them can be called real "eternal engines".

names for chinchillas

They suffer and touchiness, oddly enough thissounds in relation to rodents. But in general, these animals can be very affectionate and gentle. They adore when they are taken care of and like to be the center of attention of the owners.

Having got a little animal, do not rush to strangle it in your arms. It takes time for habituation. First of all, equip a chinchilla cage with a maximum of comfort. And think over the name, and the names for chinchillas should be chosen immediately and forever. To retrain a rodent who has got used to a nickname is difficult enough.

For a few days the animal will calm down and settle in the new territory. Feed your pet at the same time.

How to name it

From the breeders you can hear that these animals are one of the cleverest representatives of the order of rodents. Names for chinchillas are quite perceived by them! Moreover, they learn them and even respond!

It is difficult to say whether this statement is trueall 100%. But nevertheless, name the little animal is not too long and complex nickname, conveniently pronounced personally for you and easy to remember by the pet. It is better if the name is no more than 5-6 letters.

name for the boy's chinchilla

Some of the owners prefer the most real human names. Well, the taste and color, as you know ... If only the surrounding people were not offended!

How to accustom a pet to a name

To accustom the beast to the chosen name follows from the mostthe first days of his residence in the house. Go past the cage or just approaching the pet, call it. Feeding the chinchilla with favorite treats, say several times the name to which you are accustomed. Intonation at this time should be calm and affectionate, you can not shout at the animal or pronounce words in a rough voice.

Do not always invent newdiminutively caressing derivatives of the nickname. This will confuse the animal. With the due cleverness of the pet and your own perseverance, the result will be visible in a few weeks.

Chinchilla will get used to respond to the name, will beginrun up to the trough and show friendliness. Stimulate this response is even easier with raisins, which the chinchillas adore. But observe the measure to avoid stomach upset stomach. On the day the pet should receive no more than 1-2 raisins.

name for a girl's chinchilla

What names suit them?

This animal, no doubt, hasown individuality, and expressed clearly enough. Your pet may be cautious or, on the contrary, quite active, calm or sociable, as well as easily excitable or, conversely, phlegmatic.

Names for chinchillas can reflect featurescharacters of these fuzzy. To name a small animal on this principle, carefully observe the pet. Even when choosing a baby among brothers and sisters sitting in the same cage, pay attention: someone, seeing the stranger, is afraid of being frozen, someone will not pay the slightest attention to a person, and someone will reach for the cell door.

Sometimes the names for the chinchillas themselves pop up in the headat a glance at the chosen animal. For example, a phlegmatic cozy baby and you want to be called Bunny or Pushkin, small and touching - Baby or Pupsic, active and Shebutny - Shustrick, etc.

If, however, nothing went into the head,think about the choice of a beautiful name. As already mentioned, the nickname of a chinchilla should not be too long or complicated. In addition to the inconvenience of pronunciation, such a name is fraught with the fact that sooner or later you will want to cut it, and the beast will have to be retrained. As an option, you can take just a couple of names - full and short. But then the training can be delayed.

names for girls chinchillas beautiful

Focus on sounds

Like cats, chinchillas better perceive names that contain whistling and hissing sounds (i.e., s, s, w, w, h, f). By the way, it is easier to pronounce such names and the owner.

Shinshillu-girl can be called Businka or simplyBusey, Mouse or Masha, Sonya, Chupa, Sima or Piggy. Looking for a name for a chinchilla boy? Name the pet Barsik, Box, Jerry, Jack, Richie, Sharik, Shurshik and the like.

Quite often the owners (especially the young ones) are calledChinchilla by the name of the character of the movie, a book or a cartoon. Sometimes the nickname can be picked up in honor of a city or other geographical object. Sometimes a pet is called the sonorous name of a musical idol. There are also such cases as names in honor of the car brand.

Names for chinchillas are beautiful and unusual

Below we will look at several suitable optionsfor those who are looking for beautiful names specifically for chinchillas-girls or boys. Let's say you are attuned to a romantic mood and wish your beautiful woman to be noble and elegant. In this case, you will find names like Amelie, Bagheera, Bella, Gerda, Dulcinea (abbreviated Dusya), Cleopatra (sooner or later, most likely, will become Klepo), Coco or Kathy, Lana or Luna, Mona or Santa, Tori, Violet, Chanel, Sheila or Shelby.

names for chinchillas boys beautiful

If your pet is smart, fun and in no waylooks like an aristocrat, the name for a chinchilla girl can be taken simpler. For example, Belka, Boni, Klepa, Masyanya or just Mashka (or even Mouse), Plushka, Topa, Chip or Chunya, Shisha or Shusha and the like. An animal with a pronounced temperament can be called, for example, Sinful, Sonia, or Cute.

Names for chinchillas-boys - beautiful and just funny

Let's move on to the names for the boys. Here the choice is no less than that of girls. A fluffy baby can be called Velvet, although this name is not too easy to pronounce. And more successful options for a funny baby boy - Barsik or Murzik, Borka, Vasyatka, Vinni, Kuzya, Nafanya, Pusk or just Pooh, (or even Poofik), Sema or Timka, Candy (as an option - Funtik), Ball or Shishok .

More fashionable and exquisite names will be Buki,Willy, Joker, Casper and Clyde, Martin, Ricky, Snoopy, Tim, Chucky, Schumann. Lovers can call a pet by the name of the hero of the movie or the cartoon can advise names such as Garfield, Dumbo, Jerry, Casper, Pumba, Stitch or Shrek. Well, and if you choose a name for a chinchilla boy, focusing on coloring or features of the baby's character, keep tabs on names such as Peach, Chernysh, Pooh, Rogue or Shalong.

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