Furminator for dogs - what is it? Furminator for dogs: photo, reviews, advice on choosing

Many do not dare keep dogs at home because of theirshaggy. But today you can buy a special device - a furser for dogs. What is it, knows every owner of pets that need to be constantly, and most importantly, to comb out in time. Consider how this device works and what you need to take into account when using it.

What it is?

what is this for a dog?

To have any pet is cute andtouching, but many are hampered by the abundance of wool, which accumulates absolutely everywhere - from clothes to plates with food. But this problem is solved, and quite simple methods. Veterinarians advise to use a safe, but very effective litter dog. What it is? This is a handy tool that allows combing out dead hair in animals without causing pain to them. Most breeders today prefer to use this device, which not only helps animals, but also saves the time of the owner himself.


dog fleet photo

Furminator has a simple design thatconsists of a handle, a blade with teeth, so that the device resembles an outwardly normal comb. The teeth differ in such a form that the hair under the undercoat gets hooked and extends to the surface. Compared with conventional brushes, it is more reliable and easy to use a fleet for dogs. What is it and how does it work? Note that most modern models have additional functions, which should be taken into account when choosing.

Which to choose?

furser for large dogs

All models of modernthe working surface and the length of the teeth. The original product is Furminator Inc. - the trucks of this brand are available in 5 varieties depending on what color they are and how wide their blade is:

  • large - a large dog fender: the width of the blade in it is 10 cm. Such a tool is suitable for the care of the wool of breeds such as Labrador, German Shepherd, Collie, Laika;
  • The average is designed for medium-sized dogs (sheltie, cocker spaniels);
  • small - for pets of small breeds (Bolonok, Spitz, Pekingese).

Choose the model you need in accordance withthe peculiarities of his pet, but it is important that the driver does not harm their skin and hair, and helps to get rid of its excess in molting. Many brands are focused on the production of quality products for pets, to care for them was easier.

For short-haired dogs

Furminator for short-haired dogs requiredIt is worth applying, since it allows to keep the animal's wool in good condition. In short-haired dogs, contrary to many opinions, there are also certain problems:

  • even short wool sheds, which means that on the floor and on the clothes wool will accumulate;
  • Deadly undercoat should be removed in a timely manner, because otherwise the animal's hair will become ugly and will lose resistance to various diseases;
  • strong molting adversely affects the skin condition.

furser for long-haired dogs

So if you keep a Labrador house, a poodle,lap-dog or chihuahua, be sure to buy a dog fleet. The photo shows that modern models have a compact but stylish appearance. The blade is made of high quality steel, so the tool will last a long time.

For long-haired

If you keep dogs at home of large breeds thatthey are very shaggy, care must be taken for their wool. Today, many brands offer to buy effective tools that can reduce moulting by almost ninety percent. In the classical version, the long-haired dogfinder for simple-looking designs is highly effective, as it is developed by professional groomers. A good and high-quality tool can significantly reduce moulting, reduce the amount of dead hair as compared to a brush, pout or comb. The distinctive features of the models include:

  • careful care for the outer hair and wool with a soft removal of the dead undercoat;
  • stimulation of the release of natural oils, giving the skin and hair of animals a healthy appearance and shine;
  • well thought out design, which is most often created from stainless steel, which affects its durability;
  • convenience and ergonomics of models;
  • ease of use.

Who should not?

furser for cats and dogs

Furminator for cats and dogs should be chosen correctly. So, you can not use these tools if you keep:

  • American water spaniel;
  • bichon-frize;
  • Chinese Crested Dog;
  • curly-haired retriever;
  • the Maltese lapdog;
  • blu terrier;
  • a Portuguese water dog;
  • Yorkshire terrier.

These dogs have no undercoat, soThe use of a lancet can harm them. In addition, you can not use this tool if the dog has skin problems, abrasions or ulcers on it. You can not use the trolley in the following cases:

  1. If dogs are bare.
  2. If pets have thick and curly hair.
  3. If there is irritation on the pet's skin, a rash.

Features of use


We already know how effectively the fleet plays for dogs, what it is and how it is arranged. Now let's see how to apply it:

  • comb out only the dry hair, if it is wet, the teeth of the gun will be clogged, and it will be difficult to clean them;
  • combing is done in the direction of hair growth, but first you need to get rid of the tangles, tangled hair, so as not to bend the teeth;
  • Using a torch, you do not need to exert excessive force - this can lead to injury.

If you use a fuselier for smooth-haireddogs, remember: they need to be combed from the back to the stomach, making movements from the neck to the tail. With a long coat, it's more difficult to work: first you need to get rid of the old undercoat, doing it layer by layer.

Popular Models: Trixie

Trixie is a classic German rummerproduction, available in three price categories. This tool is suitable for combing the undercoat of dogs, cats, suitable for wool of different lengths. This doggeria for dog reviews got good thanks to a comfortable working surface, safety and efficiency. In addition, the special structure of the teeth provides a soft pulling out of the dead undercoat, while not cutting live guard hair. This model can be used for any breed of dog, except for smooth-haired dogs. But for the Collie, Golden Retrievers, Setters, Spaniels, Pugs, Labradors, Beagle, Husk, Longhaired Dachshund Trixie fits perfectly!


fleetman for dogs reviews

There is a lot of good feedback about the Foolee. So, users note that thanks to the tool, the moult significantly decreases, the hairs are not injured while using the dead hairs, the dead undercoat is removed easily, and no coalescence is formed. In a series of American production models are presented, designed for dogs of different breeds:

  1. Foolee Large. The model is suitable for dogs with undercoat, but for poodles, shih-tzu, terriers, the tool does not fit.
  2. Deluxe - for medium dogs.The length of the 66 mm blade is effective for combing out faded wool, without damaging the coarse live hair. The blade is made of stainless steel, so it is longevous.
  3. Deluxe - for dogs with short hair. A small blade will perfectly cope with short hair, for example, chihuahua.

All products of this brand have proved to be reliable, safe in operation, allowing to solve several problems at once:

  • prevents the appearance of coils;
  • effectively combs old wool of different length;
  • penetrates deeply into the coat without damaging the skin;
  • evenly distributes grease to the skin and wool, to make it soft and silky.


Models of French production are presented intwo varieties - classical (in the form of carding) and a more advanced modification with two working surfaces: one acts as a rake, the second - like a scallop. Accessories of this brand are popular with buyers due to stylish design, ease of operation and efficiency. The company cooperates with groomers and breeders of dogs from different countries, offering them high-quality and reliable accessories.


Furminators of this Chinese brand like those,who like universal and inexpensive tools. But the brand offers and perfect models. So, along with the classic loudspeaker, in the brand's lineup there is a 2 in 1 model: one working surface in it acts like a rake and allows removing excess wool, the second one is directly the torch that removes wool from the dead undercoat.

Effective way to deal with long hair -use a dogfinder for dogs. The photo shows that these are compact tools that are nevertheless efficient and convenient to use. Experts advise to be careful when choosing that the device was safe for animals, not harmful to their skin and coat, but was only a pleasure. That is why it is important to competently approach the choice, consult with veterinarians who will tell about the correct use of the device.

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