What is dangerous herpetic sore throat in a child and how to deal with it

According to experts, the term "herpeticangina in a child "in medicine is not entirely correct, because with this disease the causative agent is not all known herpes viruses, and the so-called Coxsackie viruses. Due to the fact that these bacteria are transmitted mainly by fecal-oral and airborne droplets, it is the small patients that are susceptible to this disease. In this article, we will talk about how dangerous herpetic angina is in a child, and how to deal with it.

herpetic sore throat
general information

Specialists strongly recommend thatsuspicion of this diagnosis immediately consult a doctor and, if possible, isolate the baby. In addition, personal items of personal hygiene (towels, dishes, etc.) should be identified. It is believed that the incubation period from the moment of infection to the appearance of the first signs is about ten to fourteen days.


Herpetic angina in the child is differentmarked signs of general intoxication. So, small patients can complain of a severe headache, discomfort in the abdomen. In addition, some even increase body temperature. As for local symptoms, they appear as rashes on the mucous membrane of the mouth, larynx, and directly affect the tonsils. In this regard, children often have quite a lot of pain in the mouth and throat.

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In the presence of the above rashes the doctor, asrule, can diagnose "herpetic sore throat" in a child without additional examination. If there are any doubts, special laboratory tests are appointed in which antibodies to the pathogens are most often found in the blood.

Recommended treatment

Herpetic angina in children, whose photoavailable in the article, very easily amenable to therapy. So, as a rule, rinsing of the throat with the help of antiseptics and the use of certain drugs (most often in the form of aerosols or sprays), which contain disinfecting and anesthetic components, are prescribed. The appointment of antipyretics is possible exclusively by a doctor, independent treatment with such medications is unacceptable. Use in the treatment of antibiotics is allowed only if there is a real threat of purulent complications.

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What other methods are treated for herpetic angina in children?

Komarovsky E.O., a well-known pediatrician, recommends a special diet with this diagnosis. It implies the use in the ration of mashed foods that have been heat-treated. In addition, for some time it is better to stop using heavy for digestion and excessively fatty foods. Such measures will reduce pain and generally normalize the condition of a small patient. The above variant of nutrition will promote the fastest recovery of your crumbs. At the time of illness, the child's activity is better restricted.

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