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Since ancient times, the beautiful fascinated man. That is why a magnificent and voluminous concept emerged, like culture. People who create in this sphere do not just smell the fine sides of life, but sometimes they make incredible efforts to bring their splendor to those around them. Therefore, to congratulate a worker of culture is not an easy task. Especially for the "mere mortal." There are many subtleties and nuances here. Let's analyze them.

congratulations to the worker of culture

Let us highlight the most important thing

You know, congratulations to the worker of culturemust touch his soul. You will say that this condition applies to all postcards and solemn words. However, here is another situation. What other people perceive as irony or a joke, can offend a more subtle person. It is necessary to take into account the "lack" of the one to whom you are preparing the congratulation. A cultural worker, perhaps more to his taste, will have a sincere, if not entirely collapsible, speech than a borrowed from the open source of flowery praise. You understand that people are educated, they read and know a lot. For example, standard postcards "Happy Culture Worker Day!", Which can now be found on the web, are unlikely to impress the addressee. So it is necessary to sweat, folding words in congratulatory phrases.

postcards with the day of the worker of culture

A little about the logic of writing a message

Imagine that you have a clean sheet in front of you. The goal is to come up with a congratulation to the worker of culture. Where do you start? From studying the samples? Surely this option should not be rejected either. However, it is recommended that you first think about the person (team) you are going to contact. What is he like, what he lives, is fond of, whom he loves? Having found the answers to all these questions (albeit approximately), you will necessarily come up with the right words. The fact is that people are different. Some have a lot of plans, others are proud of their own achievements, and others disinterestedly give their talents to others. This should be taken into account when writing a congratulation. Absolutely unacceptable are the standard phrases, clichés. In our case, the first one needs to be said about his extraordinary and popular energy in society. The second is to be praised for the gigantic and useful work. The third is to express the general admiration for his kindness and openness. So it turns out that congratulations are all different, the essence of them is individual. Let's now look at the examples.

Congratulations to workers of culture official

The subtlety of this type of message is thatIt is necessary to strictly adhere to the accepted tone and form. First of all, the person (the team) should be treated correctly. Use of diminutive names or nicknames is not allowed. The fact is that an official congratulation is a document. Do not be surprised. Go to the website of the head of state - there are posted such messages. If the congratulation is personal, then the full name and patronymic of the person is indicated. When they address the staff, they indicate its official name. Next, specify the reason for the compilation. That is the name of the holiday itself. This is the Day of the Worker of Culture. Now I need to say a couple of phrases about the achievements of the person to whom the message is addressed. And in the end - wishes for the future.

Example: "Dear Larisa Stepanovna! We cordially congratulate you on ... Your great talent for many years brings a lot of pleasure to the audience, making them think about the true values, to feel the spirit of creativity with a capital letter. Incredible enthusiasm flares in young eyes of admirers whenever they watch your work. We sincerely wish that the source of your creativity is not exhausted and clouded by illnesses or worries! Yours faithfully (signature). "

Day of the worker of culture verses

Short congratulations

It's not always necessary to invent a lotcolorful phrases. Sometimes a short, but figurative saying is enough. For example, cards with the Day of the worker of culture, containing only a couple of sentences, many will please. Yes, and sign them easier. By the way, you can not even write a short congratulation. Take a few templates and make your own version of them. For example: "Accept, culture, congratulations! We wish to fulfill the music of our lives and never lose heart! "Or so:" Congratulations on the Day of Culture! We wish for life to go very boldly, using creativity gift for a good deed! "And now we will compose the third of them:" Happy Culture Day! Let your talents bring pleasure and joy to people, and you - wealth and satisfaction! "

Let's say a few words about the individualityrecipient. It should be taken into account. For example, to a friend: "Accept congratulations on creativity in the afternoon! Let fate confront you only with the good of the authorities and neighbors, the love of your loved ones and the generosity of the audience! "

congratulations to workers of culture official

In verse

Of course, every person is pleased to receive specialcongratulation. When celebrating Day of the worker of culture, verses necessarily use in an official part. That's from them and you can "tear off" a piece. Naturally, we will have to redo it a bit. "You are a gift to the masses, to light a fire!" Do not be lazy and do not suffer, people give you eternal culture! Your holiday came to the doorstep, I could not forget it! I wish the creativity of the flight, so that your work will please you! To the family has always loved, a childhood friend has not forgotten! Let the sun light in the chest burns, and people thank you with rumors (and a penny)! "

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