How to choose a boat engine cover

Surely many like to spend their leisure time onwater, scuba diving in the depths of the sea or simply fishing for fish. Such a holiday can not be imagined without a boat or boat, which almost everyone would like to acquire. It would seem that it is enough to buy this type of transport and enjoy rest in nature. However, this is not quite true. It is very important to choose a quality product with a reliable motor. At the same time, not every owner of the ship knows that in order for the engine to last a long time, it is necessary to purchase a cover for the boat motor. Unfortunately, many people forget about this. Why? Yes, if only because the cover for the boat motor is not supplied with the device itself. It would be more logical to conclude that it is not needed at all, but this is misleading.

Motor boat padding

First of all a cover for a boat engineprotect the mechanism from contamination and moisture. As a rule, the above accessory is necessary for the transportation and storage of motors, the power of which exceeds 30 horsepower. For devices of lower power, special bags are provided.

A boat boat cover usually contains a moisture resistant material in its structure that provides protection against ultraviolet rays, pollution and water.

At the same time, along with the classic models, this accessory can be made on the individual order taking into account the wishes of the buyer, very often they concern the dimensions of the engine for the boat.

Standard cover manufacturers are usually made for motors with the following power range:

a) from thirty to seventy horsepower;

b) from seventy to one hundred and ten horsepower;

c) from one hundred and ten to one hundred and fifty horsepower.

Covers for boat motors mercury

The cover for the boat engine is designed in such a wayin the manner that this accessory can be adjusted in size by means of special straps. Such elements, in particular, are equipped with covers for boat motors "Mercury". Among other things, manufacturers have provided for engines special caps that provide protection to the top of the device.

It should be noted that a quality product is made only of a durable material, which basically has softening foam polyethylene filled with gaseous substance.

Also, reliable products are equipped with comfortable handlesand a shoulder strap, as well as a zipper with two locks. For them, for example, includes a cover for the boat motor "Suzuki". In addition, many engine models have a tissue amplifier in place of the screw to protect it.

Suzuki outboard motor case

It should be noted thatThe above accessory completely covered the motor. Currently, manufacturers even provided in the case for the motor a special pocket in which you can store documents or keys. Remember that careful treatment will increase the duration of operation of the mechanism, therefore, by purchasing this attribute, you can have no doubt that the life of your motor will be the maximum. And if you manage to achieve this, then you will go boating for a very, very long time.

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