Cat Toger: Breed description, character features, care and owner feedback

Would you like to have settled in your housea miniature tiger? If yes, then you definitely need to get a charming kitty of the breed. It is very similar to a powerful predator, not only in color, but also in body shape.

The breed of cats is the youngest in the world. Its name is made up of two words: toy (toy) and tiger (tiger).

From the history of the togers

This breed of domestic cats was bred in 1993 in the United States. The name she gave the daughter of the famous breeder Jane Mill, who worked on the creation of Bengal cats - Judy Sugden.

cat toger

Being in India, she noticed a cat on the street,which largely met its requirements for the new breed. Since 1980, she began to work actively, and soon achieved success. The cat of the toyger was bred by selection, the basis of the breed is the data of Bengal cats. Crossing them with other breeds allowed breeding kittens with an unusual color - tiger.

In 2006, the cat of the toiler was firstis represented at the exhibition in the status of a new breed. Just a year later (in the spring of 2007) the breed was officially recognized and allowed to the TICA championship. Today, these are beautiful graceful animals, reminiscent of their closest relatives - Bengal cats. Especially it is manifested in the movements of animals, when they race, like real predators, which is characteristic of "Bengals".

breed of cats

Nowadays, the breed is being "refined". One of the goals of the ongoing work is the creation of silver-white color. According to the breeders' stories, the breeding of this breed is a troublesome business. It is necessary to select pairs very carefully so as not to get kittens with too small or too large eyes or "irregular" ears. By the way, today, breeders want to slightly reduce the ears of animals and make them more rounded.

External Features

In our country is not very common catthe toger. The description of this "toy tiger" can be found in many publications for cat lovers. The magnificent graceful animal has a heavy tiger's look. But this circumstance should not confuse the connoisseurs of cat beauty - behind this gaze lies the loving kind soul of this companion.

A cat is a big animal. The weight of an adult varies from 7 to 12 kg. The body of the "home tiger" is strong and muscular, slightly elongated. The back of the body is somewhat heavier than the chest. The tail (like a tiger) is long, with a black tip, rounded. Paws are strong, with black soft pads. The head is not very large, rather broad, the muzzle is slightly elongated, with wide, as if surprised eyes. The large nose expands to the end.

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Cat Toger is famous for its unusual shortwool, having a relief effect. It is created by longer dark hairs. To the touch it is elastic, dense and soft. The collar, a thicker coat on the temples and cheekbones, is recognized as a pedigree. In addition, a small overflow of the coat is welcome, unless, of course, it "lubricates" the color.

Dark wool should be dyed evenly. In the undercoat, dark gray color is allowed.


The main external feature that distinguishescat tomster from other felines - unique stripes tabby. They can be from yellow-brown, brown to almost black. Wool is not ticked - all the strips are dark completely - from the very tips to the skin. Undercoat is allowed in murine or dark gray color, the main background - in some cases highlighted, but necessarily monophonic.

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An important feature of color is the contrast of colors. It should be maximum: between the background color and tabby strips, the main color of the stomach and back, darker ears inside and light outside. The wool pattern is an altered tabby mackerel. Strips located on the body are always vertical, closing in the rings on the paws, tail and neck. They can be woven and uneven.

The standard also allows stretched spots. But the picture must certainly be on the inside of the paws, and on the stomach. The paw pads and the tip of the tail are black. On a muzzle stria circular. The coat around the eyes is lighter. This is very similar to white glasses. A characteristic feature of a cat is a toe-shaped mark that has the shape of a butterfly on its forehead, an almost black eyeliner of the lips, eyes and the base of the mustache.

cat toger description

In color there should be no clear parallel strips, spots or circles. Also a band along the spine is unacceptable - the cat's back should be darkened, without a pattern.


Some inexperienced owners can alertunusual predatory appearance, which has a toyger. Cats, whose character is friendly and complaisant, have the ability to adapt to life in a pack, which for them is the host family. This is surprisingly communicative, loving, playful and "talkative" animals. They are not subject to domination over people, are perfectly friends with children, protect babies.

Many owners note that the cat is a toyhas a very valuable quality - it is never too intrusive. She loves to be in the company of a person, follows him everywhere on the heels, but one glance is enough to make a clever pet understand that the owner wants to be alone. Do not seek to impose your caresses on the toager.

"Tiger" mew rarely, but willingly purring inanswer, if you pay attention to them. Young animals quite easily tolerate travel, however, with age are strongly attached to their home. Most of all, teegers like to run on "rough terrain". If you stay at work for a long time, take care of your pet's leisure in your absence.

Toygers are easily trained and trained, quicklyunderstand what can be done, and what is categorically forbidden. However, in their teens, teghers can become amazing manipulators. Adolescents can "deliberately" deliberately, but this is not their vindictiveness or anger - thus, the animal attracts attention, demonstrates its worth. With proper upbringing, such a period of "rebelliousness" passes very quickly, most importantly, to provide your pet with the possibility of releasing irrepressible energy.

toy cat reviews of the owners

Many owners note that this is very affectionatecat breed. Toiger, whose character suits any owner, likes to be in the company of people. They with great pleasure will bask in the hands of the host while watching TV.

Maintenance and care

These wonderful cats are suitable for people whothere is no time for systematic daily care of the animal. Toygers need a classic care - the most suitable for your pet food, occasionally combing the fur coat with a special brush. In addition, one should not forget about brushing your teeth, pruning your claws.

Specialists believe that during the selection, the teghers lost the instinct of finding a trace. Therefore, try not to lose a small "tiger", because he can not independently find his way home.


There is another fairly commonthe problem of these cats is obesity. It is not about how and in what quantity you will feed your pet. Ration "tiger" should be two-time. It is advisable to use quality dry food and feed the animal with chicken breasts, pork and veal hearts. But the fish of this breed is contraindicated.

Where to buy a kitten?

cat toger

Today in Russia almost all breeds are soldcats. Toiger, whose price is quite high, is sold in two large Moscow nurseries - Greencity and NobleUnion. They work according to the program of the leader and creator of this breed Judy Sagden. The cost of kittens depends on many factors - the availability of a pedigree, the "merit" of parents, the prospects of an exhibition career, etc. It ranges from 50 to 180 thousand rubles.

Toyger (cats): owner feedback

Unfortunately, in our country not so muchthis breed is common. Nevertheless, the owners of these animals believe that they have acquired a real miracle - an affectionate, intelligent and benevolent companion. The owners note that these animals are very clean, quickly get used to the tray, do not require complex care. The only disadvantage of the owners is the high price.

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