Curtains for bathroom sliding - an interesting solution

Stylish and comfortable decoration of the bathroom -the dream of many of our compatriots. Today we will introduce you to some models of original curtains for the bathroom. Choose the most suitable option for you.

curtains for bathroom sliding
Even if your bathroom has a veryimpressive size, there is no need to install a bath and shower in it. They perfectly match. Solve this problem with curtains for the bathroom sliding. This is a pretty serious design that can turn a normal bath into a shower cabin. They are durable and not deprived of aesthetics.

What are the curtains for the bathroom? Sliding models are made of plastic or glass. They practically do not differ in design, but they have some operational differences:

  • Plastic curtains wear out more quickly and are damaged;
  • glass curtains are much more difficult to break.

This design is installed almost the same way,as a shower. The difference is only in the absence of a pallet. Sliding glass curtains for a bathroom are a single structure consisting of a frame in the middle of which the doors move along the guides. The frame is fixed in the walls, for the tightness is used sanitary silicone. Also installed and plastic curtains for the bathroom.

sliding curtain for bathroom price

This design has some advantages over expensive hydroboxes. The main thing is functionality. If desired, you can take a bath or refresh yourself in the shower.

Another advantage is the cost of the structure. A quality shower will cost you at least $ 1000, and the domestic sliding curtain for the bathroom, whose price is about four thousand rubles, is in no way inferior to the imported analog.

The size of the bathrooms in our homes, especially"Khrushchev", are such that the installation of the shower can be associated with some difficulties, and with the slightest breakdown, the structure must be completely dismantled.

In many apartments there are corner baths, whichIdeal for small rooms. Manufacturers of a variety of bathroom accessories took care of them. For such models are produced very original designs. Corner curtains for bathroom sliding will save space in a small room. In addition, you can not be afraid that the doors and walls of the bathroom will be wet.

sliding glass curtains for bathroom
Repair of curtains, too, will not cause problems. If the shower breaks the roller or breaks the glass, then you find it difficult to find a suitable replacement, moreover, repairs will not be expensive. Replacement of a roller or a cloth will not make much effort and will not demand the big expenses.

Curtains for bathroom sliding in height notreach the ceiling. Due to this, nothing can stop the flow of fresh air and the escape of steam. As is known, chlorine is actively released from hot water, and in a closed cabin it is necessary to breathe its vapor.

Glass curtains are made of high-quality polished glass with Antivod coating, which provides an ideal surface cleanliness after the drying of water.

In contrast to fabric or polyethylene curtains, glass samples are not subjected to multiplication of fungi and microorganisms, always effectively look and serve long enough.

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