We mark August 12: what kind of holiday comes on this day?

Skeptics may seem like a stupid dream: every day celebrate a holiday. But why should we always wait for a certain date to create:

  • create an atmosphere of joy and fun;
  • invite guests to visit relatives and friends;
  • arrange dances, competitions and games;
  • organize a party for friends;
  • decorate your house or apartment.

12th of August. What kind of holiday?

If there is a festive mood on a typical day,then why postpone the pleasant efforts before the traditional large-scale events: New Year, March 8 or Easter? When there is a desire, an excuse can always be found, at any time. For example, on August 12th. What holiday is celebrated in this ordinary, at first glance, summer day?

August 12 - professional holiday of the Air Force of the Russian Federation

The history of Russian military aviation originates in1912 year. The air force since its inception is an elite unit. Each year, young boys join the ranks of the Air Force to realize their dreams of heaven and freedom. The image of the employee of this unit is romanticized and inspires confidence. In order to increase the overall prestige of the armed forces in 1997, the day of the Air Force was approved. In 2006, the decree of the Russian president confirmed the status of August 12 as a memorable date. This corporate holiday is designed:

  • draw attention to the army;
  • to revive the desire of young people to join the ranks of the military;
  • note the merits and achievements of officers and ordinary employees.

12th of August. Day of the Air Force of Russia

Day of the Russian Air Force - August 12. What a holiday without congratulations?

Do not forget about the people guardingdomestic air borders. Be sure to congratulate friends who are connected with the air force. August 12, Russia's Air Force Day is an opportunity to thank employees for an uneasy and dangerous service, for a peaceful sky over their heads. This can be done by going to the annual traditional celebration, arranged in honor of the air force employees. In addition to the opportunity to say thank you, Air Force Day is also a very spectacular and impressive event with demonstration flights, air show and technology exhibition.

What is celebrated on August 12 in Russia except for the day of the Air Force?

Not all are attracted by the army romance. Air Force Day is not the only reason to celebrate on August 12. The Orthodox holiday in honor of the holy Force and Silvan coincides with him by the date. During life, the apostles traveled a lot, preached, became bishops. They were also disciples of St. Paul. Due to the similarity of names and biographies, there is an opinion that under different names there was one person.

According to popular beliefs, even a weak physicallythe man takes power on August 12. An Orthodox holiday dedicated to the patron of the military, the holy martyr John Warrior, the believers celebrate on the same day. John served at the court of Emperor Julian the Apostate, who ordered him to execute Christians. But the saint was not able to fulfill the commission: he himself gained faith after meeting with the persecuted. John began to help Christians and fell into disgrace. He was imprisoned and sentenced to death, which was not due to the murder of the emperor himself.

12th of August. Orthodox holiday
International Youth Day is a "young" but very necessary holiday

The Youth Day is celebrated on August 12. "What kind of holiday?" - Many may be surprised. Indeed, it appeared quite recently (in 2000) and has not yet managed to gain proper popularity.

Throughout the world, young people are the enginesocial and economic transformations. The future of the country is always in the hands of those who graduate from universities, create new families, get the first job. Unfortunately, along this path a young stratum of society is faced with various obstacles, such as:

  • difficulties in the labor market, unemployment;
  • provision of housing conditions;
  • payment for studies;
  • deterioration of the ecological situation.

For this reason, the UN General Assembly wasa decision was made to create a festive day in support of young people. August 12 is an opportunity to appeal to the problems of girls and boys around the world.

what is celebrated on August 12 in Russia

How to celebrate International Youth Day?

Young people, as a rule, are easy on the rise and withgladly perceive the opportunity to celebrate any event. International Youth Day is a wonderful occasion to be held on August 12th. What a holiday without fun and joy? For the International Youth Day to succeed, you can:

  • go with friends to the quest;
  • arrange a baton, a rope course, a game of laser tag or paintball;
  • go to bowling or shooting range;
  • just have a nice time in the cafe or karaoke.

Noting this holiday, you can not only get positive emotions, but also draw attention to the difficulties of young people.

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