Powder "Ariel" - and no stains!

Modern man surrounded himself as much as possibleconveniences: food processors, television sets, computers, blenders, electric kettles ... We make our lives easier, including the washing process. The washing machine has long been not a luxury item. And washing and washing powder are not inseparable. Hygiene and cleanliness - an integral part of our lives: there are means for washing any mistress, as well as washing machines are in almost every house.

Corporation "Procter & Gamble"

Ariel powder
Manufacturers are quick to notice the demand of buyers. Washing powders are made by many companies, but not everyone can boast of their superiority among other manufacturing companies. The name "Procter & Gamble" is known to almost every conscious citizen of Russia. A small company, once started with the production of candles and soap, grew into a huge corporation. Its brands are very popular among Russians. It is a powder "Ariel", "Myth", "Tide", "Tix".


Modern washing powder is made withthe purpose is to wash clothes well, and also to protect the inside of the washing machine from lime and scale deposits. In the powder "Ariel", "Tide" and "Gloss" and others are added various water softeners.

washing powder ariel

Marking on the package "can not be washed"

Scum is a solid formation,containing salts. They appear during the evaporation of water. Components against their formation do not always behave safely in relation to a particular fabric of washable clothes. For these purposes, washing powders have proved to be good: "Ariel", "Tide", "Rex", - means warn their customers with a special inscription on the package, when they should not be used. For example, it is better not to wipe with such powders woolen and silk things.

How much powder can I use?

Washing powder "Ariel", like any other,has its expiration date. Some people believe that he has no limit, and use the laundry for a longer time than he should. The recommended shelf life is not more than three years. There is also a lower shelf life - only 2 years.

Snow white cleanliness

There is a detergent that provides the whiteness of things. This is the powder "Ariel Expert" (Ariel Expert). Why is he praised?

  1. Easily launder things with any degree of soiling.
  2. All innovations are concentrated in it.
  3. Removes stains left after using natural dyes.
  4. Contains the balance of enzymes (enzymes), including Celluclean, which contributes to less tissue contamination.
  5. It has a light aroma.

washing powder
Terms of use

It is necessary to observe some rules of use, buying any means for washing, including the one that is very popular "Ariel":

  1. Washing powder should be stored out of the reach of children.
  2. If it gets into eyes, rinse immediately with running water.
  3. After using the product, the hands should be thoroughly washed and wiped, softened with cream.
  4. If the skin on the hands is too sensitive, then any detergent becomes dangerous with prolonged contact with it.
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