Day of the Metallurgist

Metallurgist's Day is a holiday of strong andreal men. The people of this profession accept hearty congratulations on the third Sunday of July. This date is celebrated since the time of the mighty Soviet Union. Those who work in this profession, are particularly stable, high dedication, courage, endurance and other positive human qualities. The one who chose this specialty knows that it is difficult and quite dangerous, but at the same time very significant and even romantic.

If there was no metallurgy, our life was notwould be so comfortable and carefree, because the metal that is melted and turned into tens of hundreds of products surrounds the person everywhere, from cars and ending with pipelines, through which oil or gas flows. He came to our modern life so long ago that using metal products, we simply do not know what a laborious process it is to melt steel. That is why professional holidays are created, so that on this day a person could understand what an important and useful business for the country he is doing every day.

Metallurgist Day is a feast of fearless peopleand courageous, who chose the profession once and for all. As statistics show, metallurgists almost never change their work during their lifetime. It is evident that people come to this industry by vocation. They are attracted by the magic of the pouring metal, they work day and day at the rolling machines and furnaces.

Without this industry, there would not be many others, because metal is the foundation of the whole production. Therefore, the Day of the Metallurgist is a special holiday.

Historically, metallurgy wasalways one of the basic branches of the Russian economy. It has developed since the time of Peter I, when he allowed Nikita Demidov to build several steel mills in the Urals. Already in 1720 Demidov enterprises melted two-thirds of the total metal of the state, however, the professional holiday did not exist then.

Currently, Metallurgist's Day is one of the mostholidays, which are loved and widely celebrated in Russia, and established it in 1957. It was a time of economic growth of the country. As in earlier times, the metallurgical industry is the real bread of Russian industry, thanks to which prospects are opened for other, equally important, varieties of industry. It is with her participation that the economic power of the state is emphasized.

How is the Metallurgist Day celebrated? This is an interesting question, because the smelting of metal is a continuous technological process and happens often so that the specialist marks it simply at his workplace, near the blast furnace.

But in fact this holiday has its owntraditions and customs. Congratulations on the Metallurgist Day are classic and worked over the years. As a rule, modern metallurgical plants are city-forming enterprises. From their development and stability, the material prosperity of cities and entire regions largely depends. Therefore, this holiday is important for all those who have no direct relationship because of their professional background.

Congratulations on the Metallurgist Daysolemn. On this day, employees of profile enterprises receive special awards. The solemn atmosphere that reigns on the Day of Metallurgists, especially emphasizes its importance. It is a holiday of all those who are engaged in processing metal, smelting steel, constructs from fiery metal tools and the most complicated details. Therefore, they all gather as a united, united brigade, and note the victories achieved in the year.

On the Day of Metallurgists workers of enterprisesCongratulations from partners and government officials. The management of the organization makes a report on the smelting, and employees and employees are rewarded with solid prizes. As a rule, friends and relatives of the culprits of the celebration take an active part.

The central place in the holiday is given tosports competitions. Traditionally, an interesting exhibition is organized, dedicated to the history of the plant or a significant event that happened in the city, or simply an exhibition of paintings or photographs. As a rule, a big festive concert is held on this day, and in the evening a cheerful folk festivities and fireworks, because this is a holiday of a real fiery profession.

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