What is the most evil dog in the world?

Why the dog is biting, it is for certainfrom a children's song. Of course, only from the dog's life. But there are other factors that form the bad character of a four-legged friend, and in the first place is the lack of proper upbringing. And one more should not be overlooked - the characteristics of the breed. Determine which is the most the angry dog ​​in the world, will not be easy. It has already tried to find out the numerous ratings, but each statistics gives its results, not similar to others. This is understandable, such studies, despite the apparent depth, will always be based on a certain social experience and contain a moment of subjectivity.

the most evil dog in the world
And yet we will try. Ratings, based on survey data among ordinary dog ​​owners and simply third-party observers, recognize that the most evil dogs are not necessarily the greatest and most terrible. Ironically, the list is often headed by a very funny dog ​​- a dachshund. It is not endowed with impressive dimensions, its elongated body and short legs indicate the belonging to hunting normal dogs. It turns out that the dachshund is very intolerant to strangers and especially to foreign dogs. With loud barking, she is ready to rush into battle at any moment.

most evil dogs
In the same row (laughter and sin!) small chihuahua puppy dog. Not taking seriously her nervousness, many were bitten by her small teeth. Terriers close this honorable three in the list "The most angry dog ​​in the world". Education of upbringing, and it is not recommended to awaken the beast in these babies. By the way, the beast can be awakened in almost any dog. Experienced cynologists warn that it is impossible to predict the actions of a dog, whatever breed it may be.

very angry dog
And now about the other members of the canine tribe,representing a truly mortal danger for humans and animals. There are breeds that are a priori assigned to this category - the most evil dog in the world - and are often banned for breeding at home. The first place in this row is steadily occupied by the pit bull terrier. This is a fighting breed in which aggression and fearlessness are initially developed. Pitbull is not afraid of anyone and nothing. Even knowing the commands, it is unpredictable. If this beast attacks someone, he will not open his iron jaw until he kills his prey.

the most evil dog in the world
Rottweiler is also a very angry dog ​​with the strongestterritorial instinct. He is endowed with a high intellect, excellent in training, but obeys only his master and his family members, whom he recognizes. But at the slightest suspicion of danger to members of "their pack" or to someone else's claim to its territory, this dog as if to himself gives the command "FAS". The iron jaws are about him, too.

most evil dogs
Among the big dogs the most dangerous is calledCentral Asian Shepherd Dog - Alabai. It is a great dog devoted to the owners and its territory, with which one should not joke, try to pat it, even if he accepted the guest with all the cordiality. This is a shepherd's dog, and the instinct of the guard and the owner of the territory in it is ineradicable. There have been cases when, in an attempt to intimidate him, Alabai rushed to the members of the host family.

The list goes on and on. Dog handlers so answer this question: "The most evil dog in the world is an ill-bred dog." They are right, but only in part. With a best friend of a person, it's better not to joke, especially if it's an unfamiliar animal.

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