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The comfort and warmth of the home are the most beautifulcan be a person in life. But sometimes all the beauty of life is clouded by annoying little things that you do not want to notice. For someone, the reason for a nervous breakdown can be a regular noise under the windows, someone quarrels with their neighbors because of the music, and sometimes begins to annoy the obsessive smell. Air freshener Glade is the real way out in the latter case. At least, if you believe the producers.

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Scope of application

It must be admitted that sometimes an air freshener forat home - this is absolutely superfluous detail, because rooms can always be ventilated. There is no more pleasant aroma than the smell of fresh air. But this is an ideal option. What if, through too thin walls, there is a distinct smell of stewed cabbage that neighbors eat for dinner? And if the exhaust gases come from the street? In addition, unpleasant smells await us in the bathroom. Air freshener Glade in one of his advertising campaigns warned that behind the door of this room you can find a lot of not the most pleasant pictures. Natural flavors, maybe not the most terrible problem, but still want to feel fresh in your own apartment, not embarrassed by the home and guests of the house.

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Why Glade?

Always want to feel the warmth of the hearth,strive to return to the cozy atmosphere of his home. But for some reason, one people's house attracts, but in another they do not want to go. What's the matter? Maybe it's because there is no home smell, so to speak? This possibility is assumed by the brand "Glade". The air freshener manufactured by this manufacturer is positioned as a key aspect, reminiscent of the important role of odors in our lives. People get used to putting emotional "beacons" and associating certain flavors and sounds with pleasant moments for themselves. Since early childhood, many are fascinated by the smell of fresh baked goods, vanilla, wild flowers or freshly cut lemon. Such aromas you want to breathe in full.

Tactics based on human weakness

Human psychology, despite itsapparent complexity, has weak points and therefore is manageable. This is what the manufacturers of air fresheners have noticed. After all, at first, the specialists of the company Glade thought quite differently. Air freshener was just a means of eliminating unpleasant odors, and not the desired aroma, which could improve the atmosphere of the room. Another goal suggested other methods of influence, that is, the fragrance of the remedies was stronger, sharp and overwhelming. Sometimes it was impossible to avoid mixing odors, resulting in not very pleasant combinations. But science was not standing on the ground, and over time the technology of freshener production changed drastically.

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What is Glade now offering?

Air freshener for the house should not onlyinterrupt the "ambre", it is able to completely eliminate the molecules of unpleasant odor. This is a kind of attack, leaving no chance for the enemy: essential oils replace the unpleasant odor and displace it. With this approach, there is a certain scope for creative work. That is why the air freshener Glade is produced in the form of a spray, an aromatic crystal or gel. All aromatic compositions are made on the basis of fragrant herbs, which contributes to obtaining the most delicate and delicate smell.

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Reviews of Glade fresheners

Best of all about the results achieved in the field ofsales say all sorts of ratings, according to which the products of the brand Glade is the leader. The range of fragrances is constantly expanding, as the taste requirements of the audience are different. Many want to eliminate the stale smell of tobacco left by former owners of the living space or, possibly, neighbors in the apartment, who are prone to the habit of leaving cigarette butts in sight. Often, customers want to purchase a Glade air freshener, which helps to neutralize the smell from pets. According to the loyal fans of the brand, one bottle is enough for about a month. But in this case, you should always remember about the need to use a means to prevent the appearance of odor. The situation is different if you decide to use the automatic air freshener Glade.

Automatism in action

It's nice to know that everything is under control and notno risk of being trapped in a bad smell. But how to insure yourself against such a prospect? The answer is simple: you should buy an automatic air freshener Glade.

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Its charm is that there is no needthink about activating the tool. The bottle is installed in the bathroom, the hallway or another room, and the molecules of essential oils spread themselves without any outside interference. Such a package will not be the most economical, but more comfortable, since the unpleasant smell will be eliminated already at the stage of origin. There are fresheners programmed to operate at different intervals. But it is possible to activate additional injection. It can be calculated that with an injection mode with a maximum interval of 36 minutes, at least 40 triggers occur. In the living rooms is quite actual such an air freshener. The instruction for its installation is simple and understandable even for the child. Even when buying, you can select the desired mode of operation, and then you will only have to find a place for the money in the room.

Saving money

So, in the rooms you can install a freshener witha large number of positives, and its purchase will be justified at the expense of the comfort of people living. But, for example, in the bathroom, such a mode of operation is extremely wasteful and the producers quite logically sought to increase profitability. For this purpose, a control unit has been developed that extends the life of the freshener for almost a year. The updated design includes a light sensor that determines the presence of a person in the room.

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When the light comes on and the person enters the room,time countdown begins. If the light burns no more than a couple of minutes, the air freshener for the toilet does not see the need for activation. Also, air does not refresh when a person stays inside more than half an hour. After all, it is possible that a shower was taken during this period. In all other cases, after the light is extinguished, an audible signal is produced and the air freshener for the toilet is triggered.

Smart technology

Naturally, such a carefree life is not eternal, andsooner or later you will have to think about replacing the cylinder. But the air freshener Glade is equipped with a built-in non-volatile counter of the number of aerosol injections, so with a minimum margin (less than 10%), a single beep is heard. By the way, the saved mode does not get off even when removing the batteries from the device. And if all the same desire to reset the memory will arise, then you can activate the additional spray buttons.

air freshener glade price

Modernization is not cheap, which is confirmed by Glade air freshener. The average price is 1290 rubles.

From the first words

Women who buy home freshenerAir Glade "Aroma Crystal", note that the replacement cartridge runs out much earlier than the stated deadline. This is a significant disadvantage, but in general it can be explained. After all, work is almost constant. By the way, this very tool for eliminating unpleasant odors, in addition to performing its basic working function, is also an elegant accessory for decorating the interior.

Automatic air freshener Glade especiallyoften women with a successful career, because they may not be at home, but always want to return to a cozy and fresh apartment. There are also negative moments of use. So, after installation, a loud signal is heard, after which the first sharp release of essential oils occurs. If the smell itself is specific, then with headache, headache may occur. Therefore, for living rooms neutral flavors are recommended, for example "Freshness of the morning".

Customers say that Glade is a universalair freshener for the house, because it has a pleasant and not cost-effective price, and also excellent quality. But do not expect to cover a large area. The maximum effect that this freshener will provide you is a gentle, subtle fragrance of freshness and purity.

air freshener glade aroma crystal

Actually, it was this result that satisfied the wishes of customers. And a rare user of such a tool would like to fill the room with extraneous scents.

In the form of gel

Most people sincerely and selflessly lovesweet, so even the gel freshener Glade prefer to buy with pleasant sugar flavors. In large rooms, fragrances diverge quickly and do not remain harsh. In the decor, the gel freshener is original, thanks to its stand under the tree and the replacement block under the glass. By the way, this appearance is universal, because it will suit at least for the bathroom, even for the office. Before you start using, you need to remove the foil from the block. Now the gel slowly begins to evaporate, and the air is filled with aroma. To change the block is simple: just insert it with a soft part outwards. After the expiration of the gel content withers. The price of this freshener fluctuates around 200 rubles per copy, but the second time you can do without buying a stand.


Aromas can be boring, especially if they remainunchanged from year to year. And every season a person thirsts for renewal, fresh emotions and adventures. In the spring, the imagination is excited by the scent of fresh flowers, grass, drops of dew and rain. Only smells of forest, sea and warm nights break through. Summer attracts the smell of freshness, midday heat, melted ice cream and piquant cocktails. In autumn it is pleasant to enjoy the aromas of vegetables and fruits: sweet apples, pear fruit. Well, in winter, the flavors in the house speak of coziness, that is, it's time to enjoy the smells of baking, mulled wine, chocolate and spices. Air freshener Glade offers flavors for the whole year. For summer, a freshener with notes of a mysterious forest and freshness of fruit is suitable. For spring, the most important flower fragrance will be. In the bathroom there is no certain season, and here the main thing is to feel fresh and clean, so the only thing you can choose is neutral and delicate smells.

In the installation all means are very simple, but inmany families prefer spray bottles that allow their own volition to be injected without relying on automatic mode. In addition, there remain negative attitudes of the audience, believing that gel air fresheners have a bad effect on children's health, their lungs and heart condition. Lushe only freshness in the house provides a systematic airing of premises, with which, of course, you can not argue, so do not abuse the fresheners. It will be most correct to use such tools as a supplement to freshness, not its surrogate.

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