Boytsovskie breeds of dogs: are they born or become?

About the fighting dogs, probably all people heard,the more so in the media now and then there are news of the attack of some fierce dog, like a pit bull or bull terrier, per person. Therefore, fighting dogs breed a double attitude in society. For example, some people consider them to be very friendly and even sweet creatures, while others call them bloodthirsty monsters and require a ban on their breeding.

However fighting dogs of dogs, to which besidesThe above mentioned include such popular breeds as Rottweiler, Doberman and Amstaff, with proper education no threat to society is not represented. By the way, statistics show that only three percent of attacks on a person out of a hundred are related to fighting dogs by dogs, and in half the cases ordinary "courtyard" are to blame. The rest percentages fall on sheep dogs and ornamental dogs. So the statement that absolutely all fighting dogs of dogs are so aggressive that they pose a direct threat to a person is a myth.

After all, what is essentially a fighting dog? It's clear that these are the dogs that participate in dog fights. But it turns out that such dogs have never been specifically taken out anywhere.

In fact, all known breeds of dogs are dividedon three types - it's official, hunting and decorative. And fighting, with a certain upbringing, can be any of them. Such popular and famous breeds as bull terrier, pit bull, Staffordshire terrier and amstaff - patrons of dog fights, were displayed primarily for hunting. They had to catch up with the big beast, stop it and hold it until the master came up.

All these dogs have one ability - they canin the absence of the owner to make decisions independently. It is this ability that made them permanent participants in dog fights. So the expression of fighting dogs is also a myth. For the same purpose, once brought boxers and bulldogs and even Shar Pei.

Service dogs are also able to workindependently, without regard to the owner. From service breeds to fighters, you can include Central Asian sheep dogs, mastiffs of Japanese, Argentinean mastiffs, Rottweilers and other service dogs and a variety of breeds of killer dogs, for example, Dobermans, who were taken out as bodyguards.

In general, there is a common opinion as to which rocksare considered fighting, no: in America - this is one breed, in Europe - others. In England, in fox dog fights, fox terriers and Scotch terriers participated. In principle, a fighting dog can be made even from a mongrel mongrel, if it is aggressive. The reasons that cause aggression are two. The first reason is related to improper breeding of the breed, when for the offspring there are instances of unbalanced, suffering increased aggressiveness and other undesirable traits of character.

And the second reason is the wrong content andupbringing. Some owners do not raise their dogs at all, letting things go by themselves. By themselves, the dogs will not be intelligent. Take at least a Staffordshire terrier. This very strong and strong dog is not averse to indulging and even fighting, but if she is properly brought up, then to stop pampering she will only need one word - the prohibitive command "fu".

It often happens that in one house they do not holdone big dog, but several. Then the owner is still a big responsibility for the education of pets. But time, as always, is not enough, so that our pets remain ownerless.
So it turns out that dogs are not fightersThey are born, but become such in the vast majority of cases only through the fault of the master. Therefore, before you start a dog, you need to think carefully and weigh all the possibilities.

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