Meat grinder manual - the most durable and safe

Among all the variety of modern meat grindersit is very difficult to decide the choice. They are made of different materials, attracted by their power and color scale. However, the most difficult choice is between mechanical and electric meat grinders.

meat grinder manual
The electric assistant is definitely muchmore powerful in performance, which saves time for cooking. However, it is much more expensive than the meat grinder manual. There are no questions on how to work.

Hand-grinder was invented a long time ago and alreadyhas proved itself in the kitchens of many housewives, both wise and experienced cooks. One of the advantages of this model is its durability. The design by which the mincer is created is manual, initially assumes the absence of any motor. Hence, there is nothing to break. Wear-resistant is also at a height, as the body and cutting parts of the hand grinder are usually made of cast iron.

hand chopper
Another advantage is that the mechanicalThe assistant does not require the use of electricity, and this is a significant saving. To work as an electric meat grinder requires a considerable consumption of this energy, for which its power is justified.

Meat grinder manual is considered the safest inuse. Working with it, you can stop at any time, fix everything you need, safely wipe the body or parts with a wet towel, without fear of electric shock. For example, if a vein is wound around the screw, this resistance will not be felt in the electric meat grinder, but the mince simply will not come out. Instead, all the juice will flow out. In order to fix everything, the meat grinder will have to be disconnected from the power supply, and then disassembled. With a hand-held device like this nothing will happen, because the slightest resistance when twisting something hard will immediately be noticeable.

The meat mincer is easy to assemble. Its design is not only simple, but also very well known among users. Therefore, if there are any difficulties in assembling, you can always turn to your neighbors. Most likely, such an adaptation has long been used in their kitchen.

Hand grinder can be washed in a dishwashermachine. This is possible due to the fact that it is completely disassembled and does not have any batteries. Even the simplicity of assembly-disassembly of the mechanical assistant simplifies the method of storage, which can not be said for bulky electric.

The set of manual mincers includes variousnozzles. So, forcemeat can be made more gentle, using a nozzle with small holes, or to make homemade sausage, using a special elongated piece. For safe work with the device, a piston is used to push the products.

The application of great effort and durationcooking a lot of minced meat - these are the only drawbacks that the manual grinder has. The price of it, however, will brighten them, as it varies within the limits of 10 - 30 US dollars, which will not affect the family budget.

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