Metal tile Finnish. Reviews and Specs

Metal tile can be the best cover when building or repairing a house. Consumers are attracted by the beautiful appearance, ease of installation and care.

What is metal

metal tile Finnish

This material for the roof, the manufacture of whichsheet steel with a polymer coating is used. Copper or aluminum may be used instead of steel. They are not as strong as steel, but they are not susceptible to corrosion, so they can serve up to 100 years. Depending on the material from which the metal tile is made, the price may vary greatly. The finished sheet is profiled (bent). Get the sheets, which when stacking resemble ceramic tiles.

History of invention

In the early 80-ies of the last century, the world heard aboutnew roofing material from the company Rannila. The novelty was pleasant to the consumer and quickly found reliable positions in the world market. It attracts by its appearance, durability, ease of installation and care. It was called metal tile.


Sheet metal consists of several layers:

  • protective-decorative (facial);
  • primer;
  • passivating;
  • zinc;
  • steel sheet;
  • paint (from the inside).

metal roofing ruukki

A protective sheet is applied to the metal sheet, and thendecorative polymer coating, which also performs protection functions. The thickness of rolled metal is 0.35-0.6 mm. If it is thinner, then the tile is easily deformed and the roof will turn out to be substandard. The thicker the rolling, the heavier will be your roof. And so it is more expensive. Recommend to use for the roof of the house a tile thickness of 0.45 mm. It is very difficult to distinguish it from a similar product with a thickness of 0.5 mm. This is sometimes used by unscrupulous sellers, issuing cheaper metal for expensive.

The coating of the steel must, in addition to the polymer, consist of a passivating layer (protecting from internal rust) and a primer.

metal tile price
Its absence will lead to a rapid destruction of the polymer coating, and the tile will start to rust, and hence rot. Check the presence of a primer on a sample that the seller should give you.

Protective metal coating can be zinc, a mixture of zinc with aluminum, aluminum with silicon.

Protective and decorative coating

Polymer coatings are often used such:

  • polyester (glossy);
  • plastisol;
  • matt Pural (polyurethane);
  • coarse-grained matt Purall Matt;
  • matt Purex;
  • polyvinylidene fluoride PVDF.

Ruukki Company

metal tile pural Finnish

One of the best considered metal tile Finnishfrom the company Ruukki. It began its activity in 1960. First, it provided workplaces for its citizens, and in the 80s of the last century it entered the world market. Works in 26 countries of the world. Constantly improves the quality of products. Cares not only about the technical characteristics of the products, but also about the environment.

Ruukki metal roof:

  • Roof from metal "Monterey". Has a small wave profile. The price is 475-690 rub. per sheet depending on the type ("Standard", "Plus", "Premium Plus").
  • Tile "Decors" has an excellent view. This novelty is high-quality metal tile. The price for it is relatively small - about 320 rubles. for 1 square meter.
  • Modular metal roofing "Ruukki Finera" - a new direction in the manufacture of roofing materials. The price is about 600 rubles. per sheet.

metal tile instruction

It can not be said that the shingles do not burn out at all.It happens with time, but high-quality metal tiles burn out evenly and imperceptibly for others. Poor quality is covered with spots. This process is less visible on dark tiles. Coatings are durable, do not react to temperature changes. Can be used normally for drops of -50 to +50 degrees. But if there is an aggressive climatic or natural effect, any tile needs to be strengthened during installation.

Characteristics of different coatings

The thickness of the protective and decorative coating is chosendepending on the application environment. If the room to be sheltered is in a normal area where there are no aggressive factors, then a thickness of 25-30 microns is used. But when there is a plant with harmful production nearby, you need a more dense coating. The maximum thickness is 200 μm.

Metal tile Finnish has a guarantee not onlyon the technical condition, but also on external characteristics. Metal tiles with polystyrene coating have a guarantee for appearance 10 years, for technical condition 30 years.

Even more reliable products with coating "Purex". They have a modern appearance. Guarantee for aesthetic appearance 15 years, for protection from corrosion and damage - 40 years.

Metal tile "pural" Finnish (mattcoating) is produced using polyamide and polyurethane. This makes it possible to make it even stronger and more durable. After all, the guarantees for products with this coating are respectively 20 and 50 years.

Profiling is performed by the method of coldpressure. All processes are fully automated. Wave form of the rolling sheet is given to profiling rollers. Then a transverse wave is created, also with the help of cold stamping.

roofing from metal

The size of the wave (height and distance between twowaves) can be different, depending on the grade of metal. Depending on these parameters, different rules are applied, according to which the metal tile is installed. The product manual must contain this information.

There is a Finnish metal tile in small size,with one shingle. But it is more difficult to produce and even more difficult to mount. Therefore, preference is given to the profiled sheet (as in due time slate sheets replaced ceramic tiles).

Advantages of metal roofing

  • Light (5-10 times lighter than ceramic).
  • Durable.
  • Beautiful.
  • Easy to install.
  • It does not require special care.
  • You can choose different colors and textures (matte, coarse-grained).
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Cheap installation.
  • Can be laid in winter.
  • Not covered with moss.
  • You can lay on the old covering, adding a new crate. It is very convenient when repairing the house, when it is possible to pour the ceiling on the rain.

Disadvantages of tiles made of metal

  • During the rain, noisy, so when installing it is better to use soundproof materials.
  • The roof heats up very much, That's why, along with the insulation from noise, the protection against heat is also laid.
  • All the holes made have to be insulated with paint to avoid corrosion.
  • It is necessary to use high-quality seals for self-tapping, otherwise the roof will leak over time.
  • When repairing roofs of complex shape, the consumption of material is greatly increased.
  • For the installation you need a special tool.

metal tile characteristic
The main drawback of the roof of this material is considered noise from wind and rain. But is this the fault of the metal tile? Often, the noise is associated with improper installation of the roof.

This happens if:

  • crate on the roof uneven;
  • insufficient number of screws, poor quality of seals on them;
  • small angle of inclination;
  • improper insulation and sound insulation.

Care for metal tile

It's easy. Leaves, dust do not get stuck on the roof due to the properties of the coating. They slide down the roof and roll down. Gutter system is also easily cleaned from fallen leaves.

Customer Reviews

Buyers confirm the quality of Finnish metal. They note that after five, and sometimes even ten years, the appearance of it has not changed.

Consumers like that roofs made of metal tiles do not require repair.

I like the fact that the tile has a lower edge bend. It does not allow to wipe the bottom sheet and makes the seam imperceptible.

Only the high price of the product is called a minus.

Metal tile Finnish is of high quality.Therefore, manufacturers are not afraid to indicate the name of their manufacturer on their products. On the back of each sheet, information about the company and the main characteristics are attached. This allows you to verify the authenticity of the goods. Therefore, if you believed on the word to the seller that the goods purchased from him without identification marks - this is Finnish metal, blame yourself.

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