Bed - loft for a child

Arrangement of a room for a child requiresparents of special care and attention. The room should not only be aesthetically decorated, but also functional. In general, the children's room does not have large dimensions, but it is necessary to fit the most necessary furniture there, and also to leave space for games and free movement. Therefore, special love is enjoyed by parents, and also children, furniture - a transformer that not only performs several functions, but also is able to grow with the baby.

One of the representatives of furniture - transformeris a loft bed, which is a two-story structure on the top floor of which is a bed, and the lower floor is given under a bedside table, a desk, several roomy shelves for books and toys, a small wardrobe. The child gets to the bed by a specially equipped staircase, which can additionally serve as a sporting projectile. There is a bed - loft and equipped with two beds, which is very beneficial if the family has two children. For more information see the catalog of beds - attics can be found on the site

The design of the loft bed is made according to the style of the room, the age of the child, the preferences of the parents and the baby.

Before installing the loft construction -beds should be taken into account that it should not be located in the dark corner of the room, since both the preschooler and the more so the student will be at the desk and the daylight falling in the right direction, depending on whether the right-hander is a child or a left-hander. You need to take care of the sources of light: a night lamp, lamps, a small chandelier.

First of all, the bed - the attic should meetsecurity and be comfortable. Basically, designers calculate a bed for a child with a maximum weight of up to 70 kg, so even a teenager can be "in the attic" without fear.

All rails and stairs are performed in such a way that a quick kid can not fall out of the crib, but at the same time there should not be a feeling of enclosed space that the child is not afraid.

It is desirable that the whole structure be madefrom natural wood of good quality and did not have the entering details and sharp corners. The best wood for children's furniture is pine, which also has antibacterial properties: it gives out phytoncides that can protect a baby from colds.

A bed - an attic for a schoolboy can be made of iron.

To the bed can additionally be attached a sports corner with rings, a crossbeam, a Swedish wall.

As the child grows, the loft bed will also grow: with the help of sliding panels, the length of the sleeping place is added, and the desktop and the cabinet will make the above replacement modules.

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