Sharp knife "Sharp edges": reviews, characteristics. Electric knife Leomax

A variety of kitchen accessories in modernstores are amazing. Only the stands for knives, potholders, tea strainer for tea are counted with a dozen species on each shelf. You can find containers designed for individual products, for example, for sausage, lemons or cheese. We sell convenient automatic openers, presses, graters. Fans of simplifying their life will have to taste and knife point Leomax "Sharp edges."

Description and characteristics of the device

"Sharp edges" - a compact kitchen appliance designed for sharpening knives and household tools. Dimensions of the device: 8.5 * 6 * 14 cm. The power of the knife is 20 W, the length of the cord is 125 cm (in electric models).

knife sharp edges reviews
The device is manufactured in a plastic housing, inthree color solutions: red, green and silver. In the set there is a grinding wheel. Its granularity is not specified in the instructions attached to the knife edge "Sharp edges." Reviews of owners describe it as a medium. It is obviously large, and can not bring to the razor sharpness of the blade of knives, but rather small in order to use it only for roughing. In the set with the device there is a small plastic tray, which is installed directly under the casing, covering the grinding wheel. It collects metal shavings, left after honing.


knife point Leomax "Sharp edges."
The device is designed for sharpening all kinds of knives(for meat, bread, fish, etc.) differing in thickness and material of manufacture. Also, they can handle dull scissors of any format, from manicure to garden. Screwdrivers of different thickness and section can also be grinded on it. In fact, it can sharpen any tool that is suitable in form and thickness. Axes, pruners, any piercing and cutting objects - anything that can be pushed through the holes for grinding.

Types of knife

Electric tweezers Leomax can be produced in two types, differing in the type of power supply. In the first variant it works from an electric network and is completed with a long cord.

knife from 220 V sharp edges
In the second version - the device is wireless. The source of power for it is four finger batteries. It is impossible to say unequivocally which of the two options is better. The dimensions of the case in both cases are the same, as well as all the operating characteristics of the device. However, traditionally, devices that work from the network are considered more powerful, which is important when it comes to sharpening. In addition, the owner does not have to worry that at the right time the batteries will run out of charge. On the other hand, the wireless knife "Sharp edges" takes up less space on the shelf, the cord does not interfere with storage, in addition, it can be taken with you if necessary on the road: fishing, hiking or picnic.


Before starting work, the device must be installedon a flat, level surface. Wired model must be connected to the 220 V network, wirelessly insert the batteries according to the marking (in the set they are not). Then you need to install the sharpening object in the appropriate socket and press the power button. The electric knife will start working, the grinding wheel will start to rotate. After the finger from the button is removed, the motor stops.

Types of nests

The grinding stone in the knife-edge "Sharp edges" is hiddenremovable plastic casing, cylindrical shape, in which several holes for different types of tools have been made. On the lateral side you can see two grooves of different widths - they are intended for sharpening knives, hatchets for cutting meat and other kitchen utensils. Rotating the cover 180 degrees, you can see a groove made at an angle.

knife point leomax sharp edges characteristics
It is intended for sharpening scissors and the likecutting objects. On the edge of the casing there is another corner groove. Its purpose is to sharpen the serrated (wavy or sawtooth) blades. From the end of the casing, you can see two holes of different sizes - they insert slots of screwdrivers for sharpening. If desired, the blade can be sharpened directly on the grinding stone, removing the protective plastic from it.

Advantages of a knife

It is worth mentioning about the advantages of the device:

  1. Versatility. One instrument is able to work with several types of tools and different types of knives.
  2. Affordable price. Sharp knife from 220V "Sharp edges" is mainly sold through teleshopping. Despite the fact that the price for it varies and depends on the requirements of a specific distributor and conducted actions, the device can be purchased by a person with a very modest income. Such a device is perfect for a gift.
  3. Mobility and small size. This kitchen appliance is quite compact, it does not take much space in the closet. If desired, it can easily be moved and rearranged.

Disadvantages of the knife

Despite the advantages of the device, it still has certain drawbacks. These include:

  1. Small power - the main drawback of the knife"Sharp edges." Reviews unequivocally testify that it is often not enough to sharpen even the most common kitchen knife, regardless of the power source of the device.
  2. It is not possible to select the graininess of the disc orspeed of its rotation. Since the abrasive surface is rather rough, the sharp edge is not suitable for fine grinding. The owners' feedback allows us to conclude that it is best to sharpen the blunted knives with this tool.
  3. There is no choice of angle of sharpening. Not always the cost of knives is limited to a couple of hundred rubles. Often, professional kitchen tools are not one thousand - just like hunting handmade weapons. Sharpening such things requires a very thorough - sometimes the thickness of the blade is calculated by microns. And the angle of sharpening is selected in this case individually. Obviously, with such things the knife "Sharp edges" can not cope.


Sharp knife "Sharp edges" is widely enoughis advertised on television, that's why the people who bought it have a lot. Accordingly, according to the owners' comments, you can make an objective view of this product.

electric knife
Unfortunately, most of the reviews are far from beingiridescent. Often problems begin already at the stage of delivery. Sharp knife "Sharp edges" is not sold at retail, and, therefore, before buying it can not be held in hands and evaluate the appearance. And with the delivery of goods can come with cosmetic defects: chips, rubs, cracks.

The main part of criticism concerns the quality of workknife point Leomax "Sharp edges." The characteristics declared by the manufacturer, can not be maintained even approximately. Power 10 watts is not enough to sharpen a thin kitchen knife, not to mention a more coarse instrument. And it does not matter which model (wired or wireless) to work - the result is the same for both.

wireless knife sharp edges
Many owners note that it costs slightlyPress on the grinding wheel as it stops. Some also pay attention to heartbeat when working. To speak about qualitative work in this case too it is not necessary. Such a machine would rather break off the blade, and not sharpen it.

Sharpening of the serration knives also occursis ambiguous. Place them in grooves only in one position, regardless of the relief of the blade. Accordingly, the device will be sharpened only in those places where the grinding wheel will come into contact with the metal. What can be different from the desired relief.

As for screwdrivers, the device cuts them rather than forms new faces on the sides. This will remove the broken tip, rather than sharpen the tool.</ span </ p>

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