Proper care for phalinopsis at home

Phalaenopsis is a representative of the flora from the familyOrchid, widespread in Southeast Asia, but its homeland is the Philippines. Several plant species are suitable for room cultivation. These include such phalaenopsis: pink, hybrid, pleasant and Luddemana. As a room culture, this representative of the flora has won many admirers due to its beauty and long bloom. Care for phalinopsis at home is relatively simple. This plant is not capricious, but requires a lot of attention.

Care phalinopsis at home

Care phalinopsis at home

This representative of the flora is photophilous. He needs up to 12 hours of daylight, which should be bright though scattered. This effect is achieved with the help of tulle curtains. In winter, light deficiency can be replenished with phytolamps. In summer, the optimum air temperature for the plant is 20-28 degrees, and in winter, not less than 18 degrees.

Care phalinopsis at homeimplies timely watering. The soil in the pot must always be moistened. To water a plant it is necessary, after the top layer of a ground completely will dry up. For this purpose, use filtered or standing water at room temperature. When watering, you should avoid getting liquid on the inflorescence and foliage of the plant.

Care for phalinopsis

Care phalinopsis at homeimplies the maintenance of a high humidity in the room where the pot with the flower is located. This representative of the flora requires frequent spraying with warm water. Feed the plant with a special fertilizer for orchids along with watering. Do this only in the period of activity (shoot growth, bud formation, flowering). You can not feed a plant when it rests or is ill.

Proper care for phalinopsis impliesa flower transplant every two years. For these purposes it is desirable to use a special primer for orchids with the addition of small pieces of red tiles and expanded clay. The plant needs good drainage. It also happens that phalaenopsis requires more frequent transplants. If inside the entire pot is filled with roots (not to be confused with those that grow over the pot), and they begin to actually displace the substrate, then the plant needs to be transplanted.

Care of phalinopsis after flowering

Care of phalinopsis after flowering

About actions that are necessaryto undertake, after the plant fades, there are two opinions of specialists. According to one of them, the flower stem should be cut off, so that phalaenopsis does not spend energy on maintaining it, but directed them to the formation of new buds. It is recommended to cut the flower sprout at a height of 2-5 cm from the surface of the soil (above the first kidney). According to the second opinion, it is not necessary to hurry with pruning. It is necessary to wait a couple of weeks and look at the behavior of the arrow. If it starts to fade, then you can safely remove it. But if the flower stem remains green, then it is not necessary to cut it. It often happens that the plant rests for a couple of months, and then throws out the new buds on the old arrow. In order to grow a new flower spike, phalaenopsis will take more time.

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