Motoblok "Agat": reviews, prices

If you belong to the number of gardeners, who are engaged in the garden and the garden quite seriously, then certainly felt the need to use the technique of a certain class.

Such a need may arise in the event that,when the hands qualitatively fail to process the land, when it can go about imposing territories. The first and the main assistant in this matter can become a motor-block. This is an expensive technique, but the number of functions with which it is supplied justifies the acquisition with a total of just one year. As an example, you can consider the motoblock "Agat", which will be discussed below. Perhaps the technique of this manufacturer will be for you the best solution.

Reviews about the features

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Among the main tasks of motoblocks areland works, if more specific, it is hilling, plowing, as well as cutting rows. According to users, the "Salute Agat" motoblock can effectively plow the land if it is supplemented with a plow. This functionality will be relevant for beginners gardening and gardeners who have set a goal to bring the land to normal. The equipment will help lift the deep layers, mixing the soil and saturating the earth with oxygen. Experienced consumers argue that the land simply needs to be enriched with air. The soil after such treatment will have the necessary level of humidity, and the conditions will be better than using a shovel.

Feedback on the field of application

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If you liked the motoblock "Salute Agat", then youyou can equip it with a nozzle with teeth, which will allow for harrowing. The purpose of this work is to rid the surface of the soil from the crust, which can form after the dehydration of the soil. Formed under the influence of the sun, the crust, according to experienced summer residents, can disrupt the access of oxygen to the roots of garden crops. If you use a motorized block for harrowing, then, according to buyers of such equipment, you can get rid of weeds.

Features of power selection

motoblock agate reviews

Motoblock "Agat", attachments forwhich will be selected depending on the anticipated tasks, may have different capacities. Before acquiring it is important to determine what level you need. At the same time, as stressed by experienced consumers, it is necessary to take into account some aspects, among them: the type of soil in the territory; the amount of work that is expected to be done using technology; as well as the area of ​​land for processing. The described parameter, typical for motoblocks, starts from 3.5 horsepower, and the maximum possible power is 10 horsepower.

Motoblock "Agat", reviews about which is enoughoften only positive, most often found on sale with an average capacity. When selecting this parameter, you need to focus on the area of ​​land for processing. If you have a site of up to 15 hectare, it will be enough about 4 horsepower, the width of capture at the same time will be about 60 centimeters. If the site is somewhat larger and limited to thirty weave, then we can prefer an aggregate, whose capacity is 5 horsepower. The width of the grip will be equivalent to 80 cm.

Owners of land in 0.5 hectaresacquire models with a power of 7 horsepower, the width of the grip of such devices increases to 90 centimeters. Agat, which can be read about in the article, can be characterized by a capture width within 1 meter, it has a horsepower of 10 horsepower or less, and suitable equipment for processing 1 hectare. For 4 hectares, it is best to purchase a tractor, not a motoblock, as the tool and the owner will not be able to do this amount of work. It is important to take into account that fuel consumption will be greater with increasing productivity.

User feedback on the selection of the motoblock depending on the mass

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The type of soil on the site plays an important role inprocess of selection of equipment. If you are the owner of a territory where heavy clay soils predominate, then it is best to abandon the purchase of a weak power unit. His abilities, as the summer residents emphasize, will not be enough to process such a land, the engine will run to the limit. The engine under such conditions quickly enough fails. Owners of sites with heavy soils do not choose an easy technique, since it can not master a deep grip, therefore, it will slip during plowing.

What to look for

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Motoblock "Agat" with a weight within 70 kilogramssuitable for light soil, similar units have a capacity of 3.5 to 6 horsepower. If you have to treat clay soil, then effectively help to cope with the work of equipment weighing from 95 kilograms.

Feedback on functionality

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If you are interested in the motoblock "Agat", then beforethe choice of a particular model should be asked whether the unit can be used in tandem with attachments. Thus, if you decide to purchase a truck for the transport of goods, you should take advantage of the experience of gardeners who are advised to choose a device equipped with pneumatic wheels with a diameter of 450 millimeters. If you intend to use a power nozzle like a snow blower, a water pump or a mower, make sure that the equipment has a place for attachment.

Motoblock "Agat" can be used in wintertime, it necessarily installs a gasoline engine, which, according to customers, is started the first time, which is very convenient in the cold. An extremely useful addition, as the summer residents say, is an electric starter, thanks to which the device is easier to start.


Motoblock "Agat", the price of which is enoughdemocratic, is presented for sale in a wide variety. In order to exclude the possibility of overpaying for unnecessary functions, it is necessary to understand the basic characteristics in more detail. For example, the model "Agate BS-1" costs 40,000 rubles and has a capacity equal to 6.5 horsepower. The working volume of the equipment is equivalent to 187, and the volume of the fuel tank is 3.8 liters. At the control it is possible to use several speeds, the described model is capable to move forward in one of 2 speeds, and back - in one speed. Such an aggregate weighs 83.7 kilograms.

Motoblock "Agat L-6 5" is cheaper for the modelwill have to pay 30,000 rubles, its capacity is the same as in the variant described above. However, there are some differences, for example, weight - it is somewhat larger and is 84.7 kilograms. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters.

Manufacturer offers to usersyet another no less common option - ZH 6.5, for which you have to pay 29 000 rubles. The warranty for such equipment is one year. And the characteristics of the above motoblock is very similar to the previous one. In particular, its mass is 84.7 kilograms, and the volume of the fuel tank is equivalent to 3.6 liters. The maximum power is 6.5 horsepower.


All the above-described parameters of the motor blocks,are undoubtedly important. However, if you plan to keep equipment on the territory of a country house, then it is necessary to take into account also the dimensions of the device. The average length, width and height are 1350x600x1100, respectively. These dimensions can be important if you intend to allocate space for the motoblock.

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