Foundation on screw piles: reviews and practical application

Building a house is a real art. But no masterpiece can be created without any basis. In the paintings this is a canvas, but in the case of the building - the foundation. From its strength depends not only the longevity of the building, but also the safety of those who live there.

foundation on screw piles reviews
Unfortunately, the realities of our time are such thatprivate developers are forced to save on everything, if only to somehow reduce the cost of construction. This is how the foundation on screw piles appeared. The testimonies indicate that in most cases it can be a very good alternative to other construction methods.

A bit of theory

Of course, the construction of houses on piles is knownvery old time. Once they were engaged in our distant ancestors, putting their houses on piles where there was no possibility to erect a more monumental building.

Of course, this method of construction does notcould bypass the side of modern specialists. So, they have developed a technology, according to which piles are made of high-quality steel, in effect similar to huge screws. Such a foundation on screw piles (reviews about it, however, are quite contradictory) are literally screwed into the ground, installing a house on it.

foundation on screw piles calculation
What's wrong?

As we have already said, there are different opinions. Let's figure it out. Some customers say that the house on stilts is gradually settling or squinting on one side. What is the reason for this? As a rule, this is the result of inadequate or completely absent geodesy.

If under the layer of dense and heavy soil is locatedsand or something like that, then small piles, even if they are stuck almost to the limit, can not serve as a really reliable basis for construction.

In addition, the quality of such structures asThe foundation on screw piles (reviews often speak about this) directly depend on the skill of the working team. It is difficult to spoil the same tape base: if normal cement was used, then in any case everything will be in order. But with the piles everything is not so simple.

Defects of construction

If you notice that the piles after their screwingthey shake, then you can not put a house on them. It would seem that this should not even be said, but there are so naive customers who believe all the tales that builders tell them.

foundation installation on screw piles
They pull out the excavation almost to its full lengthpiles, twist the remainder, then fall asleep and ram the foundation pit. Of course, feedback on their work can hardly be called positive. Remember that the foundation on the screw piles (the reviews we are considering) are called "screw" for good reason. I need to screw up the sow into the soil, and not bury it!

Other claims relate to the economy of thecustomers. They do not want to spend money, relying on a chance. In simple terms, the average foundation on screw piles, the calculation of which should only be carried out by specialists, involves the installation of an average of 8-9 piles per house 6x6 meters. So, to put it on 4-5 is not necessary. Over time, the bearing capacity may not be enough, after which the construction will "lead".


Otherwise, all the reviews are positive. People say that only thanks to the cheapness of this method they were able to keep within a small budget. So installing a foundation on screw piles is an ideal option for low-rise construction.

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