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Balancers have very good catchability,especially on the first and last ice. Nowadays in fishing shops you can see their huge range. However, the prices for this type of fishing gear are also great. And if you take into account the fact that any fisherman should have at least a dozen such baits, since you can not escape from the seizures and hooks, then you inadvertently begin to wonder how to make a balancer yourself. Let's look at this in more detail.

Materials for the manufacture of balancers

The main material is a softwood tree (linden or aspen). Instead, it can be used and a thick foam. This is necessary for the manufacture of the workpiece (model) of the balance bar.


Moreover, in order to manufacture the balance bar with its ownhands, you need a steel or copper wire half a millimeter thick, solder with a very low melting point, lead, a bottle of plastic with thick walls (a wing will be made from it), colorful paints (aerosol types, quick-drying), hooks and tees of various sizes with long fore-end, inexpensive PVA glue, alabaster with soap and graphite powder (alternatively you can use a soft pencil rod rubbed on the sandpaper).

The paint can be used and acrylic, as well as gouache. After painting it will be necessary to cover the painted area with a protective varnish.

Tools for making balancers

The production of a balancer by one's own hands must be done with the help of the following tool:

  • sharp knife (you can use wallpaper);
  • nippers or side cutters;
  • pliers;
  • pupil brush with squirrel nap;
  • Clamps;
  • cans of canned food;
  • soldering iron with a power of one hundred watts;
  • orthophosphoric acid;
  • a wooden beam;
  • sandpaper of the second number;
  • set of files.

Making the workpiece of the balance bar

The workpiece for making the balance needscut out of wood or dense foam, giving it the necessary shape. Then, with the help of a wooden beam and sandpaper, its finishing is done to give the workpiece the necessary parameters.

pull-off for the balancer by one's own hands

The tail part of the rocker is manufactured morethin, two-wall thickness of a plastic bottle. This dimension is needed only on the back and sides of the workpiece, and its length is about seven millimeters.

Final refinement of the workpiece

After the workpiece is ready, into ityou need to insert the pre-prepared hooks (they remove the eye) and put them on the PVA glue. Then it is necessary to visually determine where the center of gravity will be at the workpiece, and make a mark in this place with a pencil.

After the workpiece is inserted into the steel orCopper wire, which is bent in the form of an arc (it will act as a loop). The correct location of the eyelet is easily checked - the workpiece is suspended for it on the wire. If the loop was screwed in the wrong place (the workpiece has a strong overweight in any direction), then the adjustment is made until the balance bar is strictly suspended horizontally. In this case, when the wing is soldered to it, the tail part will become heavier and the bait will have the correct position when fishing.

balancers for perch with their own hands

As you can see, the preparatory stage, which consists in the preparation of the workpiece, is not so complicated, and it is not difficult to get a good working balance for fishing with your own hands.

Getting a mold for casting the balance beam: secrets

After receiving the billet, proceed tomaking the mold itself. The main thing in this business is the use of a convenient and practical capacity, which can be used in the work reusable. A good option would be a plastic box from under the ink pen.

Its upper part (the box cover) should besawed into two equal parts. Thus, two three-walled containers are obtained, which can be used many times (the cooled form is pulled out very easily - you only need to slightly dilute the side walls of the resulting plastic box).

In order to facilitate the withdrawal of the mold, the bottom and walls of the containers are lubricated with liquid soap to prevent the alabaster from adhering to the boxes.

Getting the first half of the form

How to make a balance with your hands, so that itWas this solid? For this purpose, when making the mold, alabaster is used in a mixture with PVA glue. Before pouring the mold, the workpiece is carefully lubricated with a thick soap solution, which is given time for drying. Then one half of the box is filled with alabaster. The missing wall is preliminarily closed by any suitable object (piece of fiberboard, plastic plate or glass).

balancing your own hands

The resulting solution lays down the billet andis pressed approximately to half. Immediately afterwards, the guides are pressed into the mold. As they can be used washers from metal, bearing balls or small coins. The mold should solidify well, and after that with a sharp knife it is necessary to remove all existing irregularities and excess layers of alabaster.

balancer for fishing with your own hands

Such operations are performed in order toThe workpiece was easily pulled out of the mold. Its removal must be carried out very carefully, in order to avoid damage. After the workpiece is removed from the mold, it is necessary to cut the gate and the places for the exit of hot gases with a knife. The first half of the form is completely ready. In it, you need to put back the workpiece, cover everything with soap to prevent the second half of the mold sticking to it.

Obtaining the final form

After drying soap, we connect the first halfshape with a second box. Set both boxes in such a way that the missing wall is at the top. They are slightly squeezed by the clamp. Fill the second half of the mold with a mixture of alabaster with PVA glue, make sure that the filled solution fills the entire space without the formation of voids and bubbles. After the mixture has hardened, the two halves of the mold are moved apart and completely separated, the gating and gates are cut with a knife. Then the resulting form of the two halves is thoroughly dried. And everything, she is ready for pouring lead. As you can see, all operations are quite time consuming, however, you can get a good analog of purchased lures - a balance with your own hands!

Casting the balance beam. Tips for coloring it

In order to obtain a quality balancewith his own hands, there was the last stage - his casting. To facilitate the removal of the balance beam, the impression on the mold is covered with a soap-graphite solution. Before filling the mold with lead, it is necessary to insert a loop with hooks. Remove the ready balancer only after the lead has cooled and solidified completely. Better casting is obtained if the mold is preheated. Further, the finished balancer is painted in special colors.

It should be remembered that in order to obtaingood balancers for perch with their own hands, you need to paint them in special colors. The best of them are Perch, Rapala - BSR, Read Head. These colors are proprietary. However, nothing prevents to produce a similar painting for self-made baits. Balancers per perch with their own hands, or rather their catchability, depend on the imagination and savvy of the fisherman!

how to make a balance with your own hands

Lure for pike should be carried out in the samecolor scale, as per perch. They should be about nine centimeters long. For fishing, first you need to make massive balancers. If there is no result, you should use a different color or smaller bait. Therefore, the balance on the pike with their own hands should be made in a large number of different sizes and colors for experimentation.

Fabrication of the trailer for the rocker

To make a lead from a lead, a ball is castweighing about a hundred grams. A ring for it can be made from a spring wire three millimeters thick. The mold for the casting of the trailer is made of clay or gypsum. It should have openings for pouring lead and emitting gases with steam. The trailer for the balancer with its own hands should turn out with a qualitative surface, without bubbles and other flaws.

balancing the pike with your own hands

The wire ring in the form is locatedso that it passes through the center of the sphere. It should be easy to put on the bait and hook on the hook. When fishing, it is better to have several hooks of different sizes. For their rapid replacement at the end of the cord attach a durable carbine.

Thus, each fisherman can make a trailer for a balancer with his own hands.

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