Meat grinder Bosch MFW 68640 - multifunctional equipment

What first of all pays attention toconsumer of home appliances? First, it is the quality of the product and its functionality. Secondly, it is a brand. The name of the manufacturer plays a huge role in the choice of household appliances. For many, this is a guarantee of quality, reliability and durability. An important role is played by user feedback. Concern Bosch - one of the largest manufacturers of technology, which occupies a large part of the market. A lot of technical developments belong to this company. One of the novelties is Bosch MFW 68640 mincer, which we'll talk about.

A bit of history

The world-famous Bosch concern begins its history in 1886. It was at this time that electromechanical workshops were founded, which were very modest in size.

Meat mincer bosch mfw 68640

Today these are some of the largest factories thatproduce technology that has firmly won fame among buyers. Constructors of the concern constantly develop new technical parameters. The production process at each stage is the strictest quality control.

Developments Bosch

Many of the largest manufacturers of machineryacquired licenses for the production of electrical tools from Bosch. This concern belongs to the development of the first electric perforator, electric jigsaw, battery puncher, vario-grinder and many other inventions. All products are subjected to numerous tests, which guarantees its quality. The company operates in three directions: consumer goods, automotive and industrial equipment.

Features of Bosch MFW 68640 grinder

This is a new development of the concern. The Bosch MFW 68640 meat grinder can be called the best development in the total mass of household appliances. Its functionality is amazing. The meat grinder Bosch MFW 68640 can not only qualitatively process various kinds of meat. By the way, she does it very professionally. Productivity of the equipment is 4.3 kg of excellent product per minute, which is an amazing indicator. The meat grinder Bosch MFW 68640 is capable of making mincemeat of different grind sizes, for which there are several baits.

meat grinder boch reviews

From the prepared forcemeat with its help it is possibleto form sausages. For this purpose, a special nozzle is included. The meat grinder Bosch MFW 68640 also has the function of slicing vegetables. She shreds vegetables very qualitatively. With her help you can make a lot of culinary masterpieces. Also, this technique, if necessary, grinds nuts and rubs cheese. This unit can be called universal with high probability. Meat grinder Bosch MFW 68640, the reviews of which confirm all that has been said, will become a real assistant in the kitchen. And if you take into account that the quality of equipment and reliability are at the highest level, then this is the best choice.


The technique has a maximum power of 2200 watts. Due to this, it is able to produce up to 4.3 kilograms of minced meat per minute. The hull is made of high quality plastic. It is not subject to mechanical action and is very durable. Rubberized legs do not allow the meat grinder to move around the table during work. For the convenience of users a large selection of attachments is provided: for kebbe, cooking sausages, slicing vegetables, grater and juicer. The equipment is equipped with a reverse system.

Meat mincer bosch mfw 68640 price
This allows you to quickly clean it without dismantling it,which is confirmed by the words of buyers. All the advantages of the meat grinder have already been appreciated by a large number of users. Their feedback marks the high performance and reliability of the equipment. Meat grinder Bosch MFW 68640, the price of which is within 10,000 rubles, fully justifies its famous brand. Care and maintenance of the equipment will not be difficult. Reviews note that it is easily disassembled, has a storage compartment for any attachments and a large tray for the original product.

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