Motorsport Pubert: description, specifications, spare parts

If you, too, are among consumers,who wondered how to choose a motoblock for a dacha or their own farming, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with several models. In general, such a technique is quite expensive, even if it belongs to the middle class, so the choice should be given special attention.

The device must be durable, reliable andfunctional. It will be needed with the onset of the spring season and will rejoice until the unit has to be taken out for winter storage. Pretty Motoblocks are quite popular lately. They are not so wide range, but the consumer still has a choice.

Description of motoblock brand VARIO 55B TWK

pubert tractor unit

You can buy such a motoblock for 50 000 rubles. It is designed for various purposes in the processing of soil. The design is complemented by a transmission that allows you to change the speed regardless of the loads. In addition, various attachments can be used, which makes it possible to use the unit in any period of the year. The engine has enough high power in its class, due to what is characterized by a long service life, the loss of performance in this case does not happen.


ground grippers for motoblock

The above-described motoblock Vario Pubert hasbelt transmission of power to the active attachments. There is no electric start in this device. The unit operates at the expense of the engine from Briggs & Stratton. The dimensions of the device are 810х585х810 mm.

When traveling, you can use two speedsForward, if necessary, the unit can also move at the rear speed. The weight of the equipment is 72 kg. The fuel tank accommodates 3.6 liters. A chain reducer is provided for this design. You can move at a speed of 9 km / h.

Positive features and feedback about them

motoblock pubert vario

The above-described motorbike Pubert, according to users, has many advantages over other models, the main ones of which are:

  • the ability to perform various tasks;
  • convenience of work;
  • four-stroke engine in the design;
  • chain collapsible reducer;
  • cultivator cutters;
  • double sided coulter.

As for the ability to perform different tasks,then it, according to users, is provided by the presence of a set of pneumatic wheels with agricultural protector. This allows the operator to work with attachments.

It is impossible not to mention the convenience of work. This technique can be adjusted vertically depending on the user's growth. As for the adjustment of the horizontal plane, it eliminates the need to step onto the treated area and work closely with structures and fences.

Such a motorbike Pubert has the most powerfulengine in its class, for which it is valued by buyers. The design provides for a disassembled reducer, which does not require complicated maintenance. Individual parts can only be replaced if necessary. Cultivators are made of hardened steel, they have a special configuration that allows them to enter the ground at a certain angle. Therefore, the operator will be able to cope with the task of processing any type of soil.

The manufacturer took care of the availability of a bilateralcoulter, it is adjustable in height, which allows you to change the working depth. Its bent part provides advancement on the viscous earth, and the sharp edge helps to quickly go deeper into the soil.

Description motoblock brand VARIO 65K TWK +

motoblock pubert reviews

Another model of the motoblock VARIO 65K TWK + fromThe same manufacturer is a professional equipment for agricultural and garden work. The device is equipped with a powerful engine, which is characterized by a long life and reliability. The cutters are made of steel, with their help, it is possible to effectively grind the soil, uproot the weeds, and mix the fertilizer.

The device is capable of performing a wide range oftasks due to the possibility of using attachments. There is the possibility of adjusting the handle in height, which contributes to the comfort in the process of work. The design provides for the presence of two speeds and reverse, which indicates the maneuverability of the device during the processing of the territory.


belt for motoblock pubert

The Pubert Motoblock has a power rating of 6.5 hp. The width of plowing can vary from 60 to 90 cm. Before buying, you should pay attention to the lack of electric start. The volume of the engine is 196 cm3. The design provides for a belt clutch. The machine weighs 72 kg.

Cost of spare parts

spare parts for motoblock pubert

If you purchased one of the models describedequipment, then in time, you may need spare parts for the motoblock. Pubert recommends using only original nodes. For example, the spacer reducer will cost 680 rubles, but the tension roller costs 1850 rubles.

You can buy a clutch cable for 1500 rubles. As for the belt for the motoblock Pubert, the manufacturer offers to buy it for 1850 rubles. The reverse cable is worth 1500 rubles, and the reversing lever is 1350 rubles. If you needed a reverse switching clutch, then you can buy it for 1500 rubles.

Cost and purpose of lugs

In the process of work, you may also needgrousers for motoblock. You can buy a pair for 2600 rubles. Such adaptations are very useful in the household. They are suitable for excavating, hilling and weeding, and also plowing. Gruntozatsepy for motoblock are nozzles, which provide for the use of wheels.

With the help of such devices you can movetechnique on loose soil, providing additional loosening. When cultivating the use of conventional wheels motoblock is difficult, since traces of compacted just plowed soil. The cultivated properties of the equipment can be reduced due to the impressive weight of the equipment and the wide wheel tread.

In addition, on raw soil this technique beginsto drive from side to side. But if you use a grouser, the motoblock is aligned in the course of the action and you can stick to the cultivation strip. As another advantage of such devices is a high mechanical strength and patency, which contributes to the process of cultivation of impressive areas.


Reviews about motoblock Pubert in the mainpositive. High quality, reliability and durability make this technique one of the most frequently purchased. In addition, it is suitable for farming, and for private use in a small suburban area. Despite a small selection of models submitted for sale, you can always decide on a choice. The optimal set of additional functions helps in solving various household issues, such as tillage and plowing, weed control, fertilization, harvesting and so on.

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