Motoblock or cultivator - which is better? Equipment for cottages

Often owners of suburban areas prefer to solve agricultural problems, a truck or a cultivator. Which is better, you can understand by reading the information in the article.

Many do not see the difference between the twotools, believing that this is the same equipment. In fact, the differences between these units of agricultural machinery are quite large, and they manifest themselves in features and functional capabilities.

The purpose of the cultivator

motoblock or cultivator which is better

These devices are used for processingsoil, and as the main destination is the preparation of soil for sowing, mixing fertilizers with soil and improving the soil structure. In the role of the main element of this technique are cutters immersed in the ground.

Speed ​​allows the operator toa short time to plow the plot, spending a minimum of effort. Depending on the area of ​​the site, the technique is chosen. If you have six hundred square meters, it is more expedient to purchase an easy cultivator.

Destination motoblock

motoblocks and cultivators price

If you also decided to buy a motorbike orcultivator, which is better, you need to decide first. The first of these devices is also intended for soil cultivation, but in addition the unit is capable of carrying out other agricultural works. Plowing with a motor-block is not the only thing the unit is capable of, additional features include mowing grass, harvesting potatoes and planting them.

With the help of a motor-block you can dig and hoeland, and also to export the crop from the territory. From this it can be concluded that the motoblock is a more functional technique if compared with a cultivator. The modern market offers the consumer attention to quite interesting options, namely:

  • equipment with electric start;
  • units with lights for night work or knives that allow digging ditches.

The cost of such equipment will vary depending on the additional devices.

What to choose

plowing with a tiller

For yourself, you can prefer a motoblock orcultivator. Which is better, every landlord should decide independently. But it should be understood that the motoblock is a more functional technique, because it has the same functions and additional devices that can solve a wider range of agricultural tasks. However, functionality can not be called the only difference, because there are other signs that distinguish these devices. For example, a motoblock can be combined with other mechanisms, increasing the number of functions. A pump can additionally be connected to the equipment if there is a pond nearby. Together with this unit you can also use a trolley.

A number of manufacturers offer attention tobuyers equipment, in the set which is circular and plane. Considering a motoblock or cultivator, which is better, it is necessary to choose even before shopping. However, it is important to remember that the last of the mentioned options has not so impressive power against the motoblock background. This is due to the fact that the motoblock is able to perform many more tasks. Among other things, using a motoblock to work the soil you can much faster. Above listed advantages of the motoblock can be explained by one significant minus, which is expressed in the impressive weight of the unit. Cope with the ground with a cultivator will be much easier. Experts advise to purchase it, if this task is the only one that you will put before the technique.

Characteristics of the hand cultivator of the brand "Tornado"

hand-operated tornado cultivator

On sale today you can also find a handcultivator "Tornado", the cost of which is 1100 rubles. This tool in a short time after entering the market gained its popularity. The purpose of its creation was the removal of roots.

This equipment facilitates the work of gardener,which is especially important for the elderly. The principle of operation is surprising and excludes the load on the lumbar part of the back. A person does not have to bend while working, and the speed of cultivating the land increases. If you choose this equipment, then you can plow the land three times faster than using a shovel.

Characteristics of mounted cultivator brand KNS-4.0

cultivators and motoblocks reviews

Cultivator hinged also today usepopularity, one of them is KNS-4.0, with which you can work the soil and simultaneously boron it, while the soil can be clogged with stones. The cultivator is a fairly simple structure that is easy to use, supplemented with tools for tooth harrows, as well as wheels. The earth does not stick during the work, and the capture is 6.3 m.

What to choose - a motoblock or a cultivator - depending on the tasks to be solved


Motoblocks and cultivators, the price of which will bediffer, represent the equipment used approximately for the same problems. However, many can not decide which type of device to choose. If you own a small plot of several acres, where annuals and flowers grow, then it will not be enough to have the most powerful cultivator, but to buy a motor-block is unnecessary here.

Optimal choice in this situation will be the lungsmodels of cultivators. Experts recommend to look at electric models, the price of which is lower, and operation is easier compared to gasoline samples. However, it will not be possible to achieve deep plowing with an ultra-light or light cultivator. Here, even the hand-cultivator "Tornado", which was discussed above, can save. But if you are still interested in the electric model, then the light version of this device has one drawback, which is expressed in a short cord, it limits the ability to move around the site. But light compact cultivators excellently manifest themselves in a limited space, for example, in a greenhouse.

The cost of motoblocks and cultivators

Motoblocks and cultivators, the price of which canaffect your choice, are completely different equipment. First can cost differently. For example, the model of the PATRIOT motoblock Ural 440108000 will cost the consumer 30,000 rubles. But for the CARVER MT-650M 01.006.00014 the buyer will pay 33 700 rubles. Cultivators are cheaper. The electric model DAEWOO DAT1700E will cost 11,000 rubles, while the gasoline cultivator DAEWOO DAT3555R is estimated at 24,000 rubles.


Cultivators and motoblocks, reviews about which canbe positive and negative, are actively used today in agriculture and for solving problems in the countryside. Motoblocks, according to consumers, are more heavy equipment, which can not be said about cultivators. According to the consumers, the latter are even mechanical, they were discussed in this article. Plowing a motor-block, as practice shows, is quite simply given. Buyers argue that it does not have to make any effort.

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