"Hercules" - dry mix for all occasions

Famous brand "Hercules" has the opportunityto provide with their products any repair, construction and restoration work. Since 1997, dry mixes of the plant are supplied to all regions of the country, gaining increasing popularity and new markets.

Plant "Hercules"

The most famous plant in Novosibirskproduction of a variety of products for construction works - "Hercules". The dry mix produced at the plant has several specializations and is well-deservedly popular in the construction industry.

Hercules dry mix

A scientific approach to product development has providedsuccess to the plant. Professional builders in close cooperation with chemical specialists were able to develop samples of products widely in demand in the construction industry.

"Hercules" - plant of dry mixtures with modernequipment and the strictest quality control. In the sixties, the revolutionary decision to modify dry mixtures with polymers gave a new impetus to the development of the industry. Today, the Novosibirsk plant is the flagship of the Siberian manufacturers of high-quality building materials.

Products of the factory

Today dry mixes "Hercules" are produced in several directions:

  1. Adhesives for construction of various specifications:

- base glue;

- universal adhesive;

- superpolymer;

- special glue for floor tiles and porcelain tiles;

- Elastic adhesive;

- for the mosaic;

- for facing on a warm floor;

- heat-resistant for fireplaces and stoves;

- winter for cellular concrete;

- strong adhesive;

- for external thermal insulation.

2. Expanding, with a large selection of colors.

3. Plaster mixes:

- "Rotter" (gypsum);

- "Hercules" (facade);

- calc-cement;

- "Bark beetle" (decorative).

4. Unique and special fillings:

- non-shrinking;

- finish;

water - resistant polymer.

5. Cement waterproofing

- non-shrinking flexolite (leveler for floors);

- "Hercules" (rough leveler for the sexes);

- floor screed.

6. On a mineral basis for the device of self-leveling floors:

- "Standard" (bulk);

- Self-leveling.

Advantages of products of the plant "Hercules"

As all consumers of the Hercules plant's products note, the dry mix is ​​always of high quality, economical, very simple and convenient to use.

dry mixtures of oats

The use of modern technologies distinguishes the plant's products from other analogues. Competent use of polymers provides special quality products of the plant "Hercules". Dry mixture is different:

  • Adhesion (adhesion).
  • The elasticity of the frozen solution, which allows you not to be afraid of deformation of the surface from the temperature drop.
  • Increased wear resistance, this is especially true for self-leveling floors.
  • Water-repellent properties after hardening. Water resistance and moisture resistance allow the use of dry mixes for finishing rooms with high humidity, including swimming pools.
  • An affordable price for all kinds of dry mixes.

Additional factory services

Another unquestionable advantage of the plant's products is the packaging of dry mixes in high-quality packaging.

Hercules Dry Mix Plant
Very sturdy, glued from several layerswaterproof paper by special technology packaging is equipped with a self-locking valve. The proprietary packaging reliably protects dry mixtures from any adverse effects. This allows for a long time to ensure the safety of the properties of mixtures, which makes it possible to supply the plant's products to the most remote regions of the country.

Explicit advantage of the productsallows us to look with confidence to the future of the large and friendly staff of the plant "Hercules". Dry mix is ​​becoming an increasingly popular building material, its consumption volumes will only grow every year.

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