"Grand Line": metal tile, metal siding, corrugated board

Today, such materials for the roof, as slate andIron is used very rarely, because they require constant care and have many disadvantages. And if earlier it was necessary to cover the roof with these materials, since there were simply no other people, now the situation has completely changed. At present one of the popular materials for roofing has become metal roofing. The material has many important characteristics.

  1. Accurate geometric dimensions.
  2. Excellent quality.
  3. Resistant to any external conditions.
  4. Reliable protection of the material.
  5. The presence of a polymer protective coating on both sides of the sheets.
  6. Long service life.
  7. A variety of shapes and shades of the surface.

Grand Line metal roofing

These are the products for the roof of the brand "Grand Line". Metal tile of this company showed itself as safe for the person and the surrounding world material.

About the manufacturer

LLC "Grand Line" is a major Russianproducer, which produces products for construction of sheet steel since 2008. The basis of product quality is the selection of serious and responsible suppliers of raw materials. These are the largest European and Asian companies: Posco (Korea), Corus (Great Britain), Arcelor (Belgium) and others.

One of the cities where the metal tile is produced- Obninsk. The local factory "Metallist", having a huge experience of working with metal and the latest equipment, has begun to produce high-quality products that are in great demand. For production, cold-rolled alloyed galvanized steel is used. And the metal is preliminarily applied polymer protection (258 grams per 1 sq / m), after which further processing of the cloth.

Thanks to this, all the products of the "Grand Line"(metal tile, siding, corrugated board) are unrivaled elegance and high quality. The main proof of the quality of the products is the fact that the manufacturer issues the longest guarantee for metal tiles - 25 years. Among the warranty cards for all similar products is an absolute record.

Features of metal tile

Siding Grand Line
The high quality of the Grand Line has been achieved thanks to the fact that it, unlike similar products from other companies, consists of several layers. It:

  1. Sheet steel.
  2. Zinc coating.
  3. Anticorrosion protection layer.
  4. Primer.
  5. Coating of colored polymer.
  6. Lacquer.

Moreover, sheet steel is the middlemultilayer complex structure. On both sides of the sheet is applied zinc coating, protection, priming. But the colored polymer can be applied either to both sides, or only to the outer surface. In the latter case, the varnish is applied to the inside of the cloth as a protection.

As a protection can serve different typespolymeric substances, which covered the metal tile "Grand Line". The price of the product is determined by what kind of polymer was used for protection, since the performance and service life of the material depend on this.

Plastisol coating

The coating consists of a plasticizer and polyvinyl chloride. Its thickness is 200 microns, due to which the material is characterized by good resistance to mechanical damage.

On sheets with plastisol protection on the frontsurface attached pattern. Unfortunately, plastisol is not resistant to ultraviolet light, so the roof eventually loses its original color. With a warranty of 5 years, products with this coating can serve 4-5 times longer. For 1 sq.m. will need to pay from 570 rubles.


A 50 micron thick coating createsmaterial with excellent resistance to corrosion, ultraviolet, damage. This protection is enough for 25-30 years of service. In addition, sheets with polyurethane coating can be mounted even at temperatures below -10 degrees.

In addition to other advantages of the "Grand Line" products,metal roofing, covered with polyurethane, resists and salt fogs, which are not rare on the sea coasts. Therefore, this material can be used even for houses built in areas of marine climate.

The guarantee for sheets with polyurethane is from 15 years, and they can serve more than a quarter of a century. The price is from 410 rubles. for sq.m.


Metal Tile Grand Line price
Polyester is made of polyester - an inexpensive material, so its use does not greatly increase the cost of the product.


  1. Plastic.
  2. Anticorrosion resistance.
  3. Resistance to fading.
  4. A lot of color solutions.
  5. Affordable cost.

Unfortunately, the canvases are subject to mechanicaldamage, so they are recommended for use in the manufacture of roofs in areas where environmental and weather conditions are normal. Warranty for products with polyester protection from 10 years. Serving the material can about 15-20 seasons. Cost per 1 m / sq. M. - from 580 rub.

Matte Polyester

The thickness of protection is 35 microns, although this is less than the thickness of protective layers of other materials, metal tile:

  1. Excellent resistance to chemical attack.
  2. Does not fade.
  3. It has high mechanical characteristics.
  4. It has anticorrosive properties.

The manufacturer issues a guarantee for 10 years, but can last more than two decades. Price sq.m. - from 420 rubles.


This type of coating has several components:

  • 1.6% silicon;
  • 43.4% of zinc;
  • 55% of aluminum.

The combination of materials that are resistant tocorrosion, fire, mechanical damage, gives metal sheets special properties. Due to this, the surface of the canvas can not be scratched, it is not afraid of hail, moisture, does not darken with time. But most importantly, during operation, no harmful substances are released, including poisonous fumes.

The manufacturer's warranty for aluzinc coating is 10 years, and it can last 2.5-3 times longer. The cost is from 750 rubles per square meter.

Product range

Metal Obninsk
Grand Line is the only one in Europea trademark that was able to combine the production of metal with other similar products: metal corrugated board, vinyl siding, metal drainage systems and other types of similar building materials.

Special demand is enjoyed by consumersmetal siding "Grand Line". These are linens made of galvanized steel, coated with a polymer substance. Due to the fact that metal siding can easily be given any desired shape, it is used for wall cladding and many other surfaces where such properties as durability, simple installation, aesthetics are extremely important.

If we compare the metal siding "GrandLine "with a vinyl analog, the first one wins significantly in terms of strength and service life. Although synthetic materials have many advantages, they, unlike metal, can not withstand temperature jumps from +80 ° to -55 °. The secret is that metal has a low expansion factor, so it does not react very much to the temperature index, and thanks to the polymer protection, the metal siding can not be corroded, and therefore it serves a much longer period of time, which is extremely important for every consumer.

Grand Line LLC
Profiled sheeting is usuallycovered with the same materials as metal. In fact, profiled sheets are the same sheets of galvanized steel, but having a different profile. On sale, you can find several types of profile, which differ in width of the ribs. The ribs themselves have longitudinal bends that, apart from the decorative function, give the webs the necessary rigidity so that they can withstand wind and temperature loads during operation. The use of corrugated board is quite wide. It is used to make:

  1. Roofing.
  2. Fences and fences.
  3. Formwork.
  4. Sheathing of commercial and agricultural buildings.

Metal tile is of high quality. It, unlike similar products of other firms, consists of several layers.

  1. Sheet steel.
  2. Zinc coating.
  3. Anticorrosion protection layer.
  4. Primer.
  5. Coating of colored polymer.
  6. Lacquer.

And sheet steel is the middle layercomplex structure. On both sides of the sheet is applied zinc coating, protection, priming. But the colored polymer can be applied either to both sides, or only to the outer surface. In the latter case, the varnish is applied to the inside of the cloth as a protection.

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