Metallosiding: installation - highlights

Recently in the construction marketfacing materials began to appear new types of products. They are easy to assemble and install, high quality and durability, as well as a number of technical advantages. Among such materials, it can be noted metal siding, the installation of which is used to decorate both industrial buildings and residential buildings. The use of this kind of finishing will eliminate external defects in buildings, give novelty to dilapidated walls, and also protect them from destruction and increase their heat-shielding properties.

Basic work

metal mounting assembly

Metallosiding (installation of which does not require specialforce) is a sheet, one end of which is perforated, the apertures being made with allowance for expansion expansion at temperature differences. The basic actions for the installation of this material can be presented in the following form:

  1. Preparatory work. This stage includes the removal of the fastening elements of the drainage system, roller shutters (if any) and other structures. Also you need to clean the facade from crumbling plaster and climbing plants. In addition, it is necessary to check the surface of the walls with a level, it is recommended to remove the unevenness by means of a bookmark of the crate system.
  2. Laying the frame. This type of work can be done from wooden beams or a metal base for siding. When choosing the latter option, the profile is attached to the wall using hangers (strips with perforations). The wooden crate is made, as a rule, from bars measuring 5 × 5 cm, the fixing step depends on the construction of the building and the metal siding structure.
  3. Carrying out the marking and fixing the brackets. The installation instructions for metal scoring contain information about the specified distances, these values ​​differ for each siding model, but in general the values ​​range from 400-1000 mm.
  4. Stacking insulation. These works are performed to improve the thermal protection of the building, the material is fastened with dowels. In addition, the top should be placed waterproofing and windproof membrane.
    installation instructions for metal siding
  5. Metal siding, the installation of which also includesfastening of additional elements, connect with a crate by means of self-tapping screws. In this case, the first is set the starting strip - 4 cm above the expected start of the paneling, the second element is fastened in 6 mm from this level. The final part is made under the cornice, the step of installing the slats is 20-40 cm, when connecting them it is recommended to leave a gap to compensate for the temperature expansion.
  6. Installation of basic elements. At the same time, the fastening is performed from the corner of the building, the screws must be connected from the central part to the edges in the perforated holes. Window openings should be marked on the sheet and cut, in the same way processed parts under the cornice.

Additional Information

installation of metal siding price

Metallosiding (installation of which was consideredabove) can be handled with tools such as a hacksaw, electric saw, scissors for working on metal and so on. Do not use tools with abrasive cutting element, for example, a bolt, as this can lead to the destruction of the structure of the material. In addition, the following tools may be required during operation:

  • level, measuring tape with measuring tape;
  • plummet, gon, marker;
  • screwdriver, hammer, nipper.

Installation of metal scoring (the price for work depends onregion) can be performed independently, following the recommendations given in the attached instructions. It is also not bad to take into account the information presented in this article.

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